Golden Opportunities: North Macedonia

Be the first few to gain the benefits of becoming a citizen at one of the fast-rising countries in the world with the help from Huriya Private.

Jun 24, 2021 | By Joseph Low

Uncertainty across the globe has prompted many investors to look for better domiciles abroad in a bid to avoid or minimise the effects associated with Covid-19 and other insecurities. In an article that we have written, Singapore has become the top destination for the super rich to weather the pandemic crisis. Due to the favourable conditions of the city-state, it has attracted some of the world’s wealthiest people such as James Dyson and Eduardo Saverin. Across to the West, North Macedonia is a bright spot that should not be overlooked as well.

Located in the south-central of the Balkans, North Macedonia borders countries such as Bulgaria to the east and Greece to the south. Formerly part of the Republic of Yugoslavia, the now independent country is rich in history and culture while also surrounded by beautiful scenery. Boasting its own iteration of St Tropez, which is located on the banks of Lake Ohrid, the breathtaking views have charmed tourists to want to settle in the country.

To help you kickstart your journey into making North Macedonia your new home, immigrating specialist Huriya Private has been appointed to be the agent for the country’s Citizenship by Investment programme. Through this pathway, interested applicants only have to make an investment contribution of “€200,0000 (S$319,448) to a designated government fund in return for Citizenship and a North Macedonian passport”. The process will take approximately 3-4 months and the main applicants will be able to include their spouse* and children up to the age of 18 years old.

“Huriya Private welcomes these steps made by the North Macedonian government for making this new Citizenship by Investment programme available and is honoured to be appointed as an official agent,” says CEO and Founder John Hanafin, Huriya Private. “Now at the crossroads of modernisation, North Macedonia is becoming an alluring investment destination for foreign capital, especially after the EU gave the green light to start an accession negotiation to the 27-member European bloc in March 2020.” 

According to reports by the International Monetary Funds, North Macedonia’s real GDP growth is expected to reach 3.8% in 2021 as vaccine coverage grows. The government is also supportive and its well-targeted fiscal policy can help to hasten the country’s recovery as it moves towards a post-pandemic world. Inflation is projected to rise moderately as well at 2.2% and this overall signals a sound macroeconomic outlook for the country. Furthermore, both the World Bank and The Economist are optimistic about North Macedonia’s potential as a fertile ground for international businesses to take roots.

There are no language requirements that applicants should worry about and with a North Macedonian passport, new citizens can travel visa-free to over 124 destinations, including the Schengen Zone, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. Furthermore, they are also able to apply for the E-2 investor visa in the USA through obtaining five years, renewable, residency visa.

Should potential applicants have any enquiries, Huriya Private also provides consultations to anyone who is interested and they will tailor each session accordingly to meet the needs of their clients, so be rest assured that with over 40 years of experience serving high net worth individuals, they are truly the masters of their field.

*For more information regarding this exciting opportunity the contact details are as follows:

All images within this article feature Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia

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