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SGPay: Changing the way Singaporeans Earn, Spend and Play

Integration is the underlying fundamental of what drives SGPay as an all-inclusive third-generation e-wallet and e-payment smartphone application.

Feb 09, 2018 | By LUXUO


Integration is the underlying fundamental of what drives SGPay as an all-inclusive third-generation e-wallet and e-payment smartphone application.

Quibble if you want but the ability to execute payments via credit cards, trade cryptocurrencies with real-time portfolio tracking and shop using cryptocurrencies online or at participating merchants is a big win in our books.

SGPay ambitiously aims to combine blockchain technology and next-generation e-payment systems – all in a single platform. Everything about the concept is tenable when executed well in partnership with retail partners and service providers. Third generation wallets are systems with infrastructures that store payment information securely. This is done by capitalising on the exponential growth of cryptocurrencies and capitalising on a still not fully realised e-payment segment in Singapore.

A companion reward point system also provides another value-added fist-bump to users. There are even options to be implemented to book flights, rent a bike and pay for movie tickets all in a single app using either fiat currency or cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the SGPay (SGP) tokens. It also lets users trade cryptocurrencies within the platform and stores their credit and debit cards information as well. Not much else should clutter our smartphones in the near future.

Founder Deng Guangyuan believes the integrated payments niche is still unoccupied in the financial hub of Singapore. “The lack of a true third generation digital wallet in Singapore was truly a surprise to me,” he says. “Like AliPay in China and PayTM in India, we need one locally that combines services like insurance, loans, payment of utility and mobile bills, cryptocurrencies and card payments in one.”

The SGP token is a utility token based on Ethereum blockchain technology and will be used as a unit of account between merchants and affiliates in a blockchain-based network. They are looking to support the most number of cryptocurrencies than any other Singapore-based electronic wallet.

The pre-sale contribution period is currently ongoing and will end on Thursday, 15 February 2018.

Click here to find out more about SGPay.

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