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LAToken Presents Second Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore

The three-day high-end event will see over 1,000 attendees, 100 top-notch speakers, with well-prepared agenda aims to drive the discussion on the blockchain expansion, innovations, and integration with our existing economy.

Jan 18, 2018 | By LUXUO

As the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies surpasses $400 billion, companies raise billions of dollars in ICOs, and Fortune 500 enterprises implement blockchain in every industry, the Blockchain Economic Forum comes back to facilitate the discussions of the most important topics of the crypo economy and its growing influence on the global economy.

LAToken Presents Second Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore

This time blockchain entrepreneurs, high-net-worth investors, Fortune 500 top executives, brilliant developers, and visionaries will convene in Singapore on 4-6 February. As Alex Mashinsky, Founder of Governing Dynamics, notes “It’s a very good mix of companies presenting, experts from the field, vendors, as well as investors. It’s a great place to bring all the different groups, get everybody to talk, develop ideas, and do deals.”

70+ speakers have already confirmed their participation, including:

  • Reese Jones, Associate Founder, Singularity University
  • Jean Claude Donato, Partner, Nikaia Venture ($1b deals last year, ex MD eBay, Rocket internet)
  • Kangmo Kim, Co-founder & investor, Korbit (top 20 crypto exchange)
  • Jeremias Kangas, CEO,
  • Alex Lutskevych, CEO, CEX.IO Exchange
  • Nick Giurietto, CEO at Australian Digital Commerce Association
  • Tony Tong, Vice Chairman at China Credit Management Association
  • Renu Bhatia, Founding Partner at SuperCharger and Asia Fintech Angels, VP at Hong Kong Blockchain Society
  • Jason Potts, Director of Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT University
  • Michael Sung, Professor at HKUST, Chairman at CarbonBlue innovation
  • Greg Blackwood-Lee, Chairman at Genuine Interest Ltd
  • Nicholas Merten, Founder of YouTube channel DataDash (150k+ subscribers)
  • Chris Snook, bestselling Author of “Digital Sense”, contributor to Forbes and Inc.

Topics to be debated

The main topics for discussion will include the blockchain opportunities for strategic development of real sector companies, regulation and self-regulation of the industry, technology updates, marketing methods for blockchain startups, token investing etc. Miko Matsumura, Limited Partner at Pantera Capital, says that, “One of the great things about Blockchain Economic Forum is the economics. The conversations around economics are sorely lacking in the crypto community.”

Join BEF to meet the most prominent names in the field of the blockchain, gain wisdom and insights from premier leaders in the industry, learn valuable new skills, increase awareness of new blockchain projects and network with other crypto professionals.

The Forum is organised by LAToken – the blockchain platform, that tokenises and makes assets tradeable in crypto. LAToken platform looks like Binance & KuCoin only a few months ago, but with advanced features and extended list of asset classes, including ICOs and asset-linked tokens.

LAToken has just appeared among top-200 cryptos of Coinmarketcap and going to get it to top-100 soon. LA token is already listed on OKEx, top-5 crypto exchange with $2bn+ daily turnover and 20m+ users, KuCoin, HitBTC, EtherDelta, CoinExchange, and BigONE. LA token trading volume growth and has reached $5m daily recently.

As one of the market leaders, LAToken aims to design sustainable rules and governance framework for blockchain industry in cooperation with top entrepreneurs, investors, academics and regulators. “The Forum is a great place for the market leaders to introduce and reinforce rules of self-conduct protecting uninformed contributors and preventing misuse of crypto transaction while scaling benefits such as built in rights registry, early adopters acquisition and low transaction costs due to absence of middlemen,” says Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, CEO of LAToken.

For more information, please visit the official sites of Blockchain Economic Forum, LAToken and ADITUS.

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