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BlockShow Asia by Cointelegraph: Understanding What Blockchain Markets can Offer

BlockShow Asia 2017, taking place in Singapore 29 – 30 Nov 2017 will shed light on what the Blockchain market has to offer in one valuable, convenient event.

Sep 25, 2017 | By Jonathan Ho

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With 9 out of 10 of the top 10 Blockchain backed cryptocurrencies trending positive over the last 24 hours, it becomes readily apparent that this new technology and asset class is something which requires deeper exploration and study. Thankfully, BlockShow Asia 2017, taking place in Singapore from 29th to 30th November 2017 will shed some light on what the Global Blockchain market has to offer in one convenient, valuable and entertaining event.

BlockShow Asia by Cointelegraph: Understanding Blockchain Markets can Offer

Powered by Cointelegraph, Singapore BlockShow Asia 2017 is designed to be your bridge between Asian and Global Markets. With Chinese authorities, reported by WSJ, moving toward a broad clampdown on bitcoin trading, the resilience of cryptocurrency and the future of Blockchain solutions grows increasingly tough and BlockShow Asia aims to unite the community to build consensus among the Global and Asian industry players, nurturing this nascent industry.

Singapore,  a prime global business hub and among the international pioneers of Blockchain technology, will play host to the blockchain event taking place on 29 – 30 November 2017. The international event is expected to attract investors, venture funds and entrepreneurs from all over the world searching for new projects and business perspectives; as a result, participants of BlockShow Asia would enjoy a unique opportunity to grow their companies through potential new initial coin offerings (ICOs) and attract new clients.

Naturally, one of the crucial segments of BlockShow Asia 2017 is ICOscar, a competition where the most innovative and promising startups will compete for the prize of $20,000 (and more) with assistance from Waves, one of many BlockShow sponsors, in holding a successful ICO. Initial Coin Offerings are the new means of raising capital for start up companies and finalists of ICOscar competition will be selected after a series of meetups in 4 cities across Asia, following which, a short-list of the 6 to 10 most promising Blockchain startups will be selected by crowd votes as ICOscar finalists with the final round of ICOscar taking place on the last day of BlockShow Asia 2017.

Witness Blockchain tech going mainstream at BlockShow

BlockShow is also partnering with ICO-Hypethon, a unique event-festival created by CryptoFriends, to set up the ICO Dealzone – a unique space in the framework of BlockShow Asia, where each attendee will get the opportunity to potentially participate in hot, upcoming blockchain projects, witness the latest ICO launches in real time, as well as support them by purchasing offered tokens, getting the early jump on new investments.

Though Blockchain continues to be a niche (if not underground) technology for the time being, BlockShow Asia will give attendees new hope and exclusive insights as representatives of regional governments meet on stage at the seminar to share actual plans for the Blockchain implementation; additionally, conference guests will get exclusive insights on how Blockchain is being utilized in six global industries, such as Finance, Healthcare, Retail and more. In short, BlockShow hopes that by creating dialogue between the blockchain community and governments, some legitimate structure and regulation can be eventually be implemented and in return, attract institutional investors to the growing new asset class.

Previous Keynote Speakers and what to look forward to BlockShow Asia 2017

Previous speakers at BlockShow included:

  • Charlie Shrem, Founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, BizDev at Changelly said that BlockShow was a really great and exciting event. He believes Cointelegraph has a clear vision and a clear plan of knowing where they are going with their vision.
  • Paolo Tasca, Executive Director at UCL Center for Blockchain Technologies, told Cointelegraph that the event turned out great and the speakers and attendees were enriching from various backgrounds. He thought the event was organized efficiently and everything went smoothly.

Over 50 top industry names and blockchain experts will be presenting and exhibiting at BlockShow Asia, the most highly anticipated blockchain event in the region will bring together the ecosystem’s most trusted opinion leaders and media personalities (a popular YouTube vlogger Ameer Rosic has recently joined the event) where they will be partaking in discussions and/or moderating panels; attendees will also have a chance to meet them in person at the special Media corner.

BlockShow Asia 2017 Exhibitions & solutions

With over 500 deals made and US$200 million was raised at the last event, BlockShow Asia 2017 will unveil 1000+ attendees, 50+ speakers, 40+ exhibitors along with many startups and companies from across the globe. In addition to new ICO campaigns, the premier blockcahin event will provide a platform for businesses to reveal their new products, get feedback on their new solutions and share their thoughts in a panel discussion and on the stage – something all attendees can look forward to.

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