Luxury car auctions: Trump-owned Ferrari F430 F1 Coupe sold for record US$270k

Are we surprised the car went for a record price? Not really. Here’s why

Apr 04, 2017 | By Luxuo
A Ferrari F430. Image from Ferrari Website

A Ferrari F430. Image from Ferrari Website

If, like us, you were wondering whether Ferrari F430 F1 Coupe first owned by POTUS would sell, then allow us to clear things up for you: the answer is yes. In fact, someone also bought Donald Trump‘s other car, his childhood home, and a whisky bottle signed by him earlier this year. His name does sell.

Just in case you were hoping for a political angle to this article, there isn’t, really. Now, as you should know, Ferraris are not as popular on the collectable car market. The Ferrari first owned by Trump (the car had just two owners) sold at Fort Lauderdale Convention Centre in Florida last Saturday for nearly twice the model’s usual price at an auction.

So: Ferrari F430 owned by someone else gets US$125,000 to US$175,000; Ferrari F430 first owned by Trump gets US$270,000.

What can we say? According to Bloomberg, Trump’s old Cadillac limousine went to a new owner for four to seven times the price of others of its type in March, and POTUS’ Lamborghini Diablo fetched 75 percent more than average in September last year.

As we mentioned, it’s not just the cars. Whisky bottle signed by Trump? Sold for double the estimate price in January, and for more than other alcohol linked to current POTUS. Trump’s childhood home at Queens, New York? Sold, to Michael Davis last December, who put it up on the market months later at 54% more than he bought it for.

Next, a Trump-signed notebook or something might go for a million. Let’s keep our eyes peeled.

We would like to thank AFP Relaxnews, Washington Post, Bloomberg, BBC, and Fortune for information on Trump’s past car (and bottle and childhood home) auctions reflected in this article.

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