First Superman Comic Sold for $3.2 Million

The world’s most expensive comic book — the original 1938 Action Comics featuring Superman — sold in an eBay auction for US$3,207,852 on Sunday.

Aug 26, 2014 | By AFPRelaxnews

Action Comics Superman Debut

An original first issue of “Action Comics” by Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, dated June 1938, has become the world’s most expensive comic book, besting the previous record set in 2011.

The object sold for $3.2 million on Ebay, far surpassing the previous record of $2.1 million paid for Nicolas Cage’s copy of the same issue.

Action Comics No. 1 marked Superman’s debut and is widely seen as the Holy Grail for comics collectors.

As a side note, Cage’s copy was stolen from his home in 2000 along with a few other rare comics before eventually surfacing in 2011 in an abandoned storage locker. The thief has never been caught, and the other comics stolen at the same time have never been found. As noted by the Hollywood Reporter, a movie on the famous crime is currently in development.


In addition to becoming the world’s most expensive comic, the object in question also set a new record for comic-related art.

The previous record was held by a piece of original artwork by Belgian artist Hergé for “Tintin Comes to America,” which sold for €2.5 million.

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