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Why Branding Success and Luxury Enjoy a Hand-in-Hand Relationship

Luxury is defined by product perception as it is associated with price, with branding you can reinvent how your services are perceived

Apr 21, 2020 | By LUXUO

Why Branding Success and Luxury Enjoy a Hand-in-Hand Relationship

There are many ways in which the appeal of a specific product or service can be enhanced. Of course, common recommendations such as adopting modern SEO practices and understanding the needs of the end user represent tried-and-true methods. However, what about products that are cheap to produce and associated with rock-bottom prices? Might it be possible to paint these items in a luxurious light in order to enhance the branding of the company in question? This is actually a very interesting concept, as many entrepreneurs feel limited by the cost of what it is that they are supplying. We should therefore take a look at how the perception of luxury will ultimately impact sales and success in the long run.

Addressing End-User Perception

What defines luxury? The answers to this question will depend upon the individual in question. Some will claim that luxury is always determined by price. Others note that luxury is more influenced by visual appeal or a solution which targets entirely discrete needs. Both of these beliefs are true. This is why how a product is perceived is just as important as the associated benefits.

Perception is likewise determined by the types of marketing strategies employed. Those who feel as if they are being presented with a bargain (regardless of the price) will be more likely to make a purchase. Customers who believe that a specific product rises head and shoulders above the competition will remain loyal over time; helping to increase online brand recognition as a whole. In other words, luxury believed is luxury achieved. There are nonetheless a handful of marketing mistakes to avoid at all costs.

Common Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

While more info can be found here, it is still wise to highlight some of the most common errors. One prevalent pitfall is to offer too many choices to the end user. Although variety is the spice of life, a notion known as “choice overload” can come into play. Consumers may become confused or befuddled due to the sheer number of options at their disposal. As a result, they may leave the website without making a purchase.

Another mistake is creating a website that contains too much clutter. Take moment to think about high-end brands such as Gucci and Armani. What do their websites have in common? While all present their products in an amenable light, the overall layouts tend to be rather spartan and utilitarian. This helps to draw the attention of the viewer to what is actually being offered. Distractions only serve to deflate what might have otherwise represented a well-designed sales campaign. Simplicity is therefore much better than visual information overload.

Luxury is defined just as much by product perception as it is associated with price. If you are able to reinvent how your services are perceived, you will be able to imbue your brand with a bespoke sense of luxury. Please keep these concepts in mind if you are looking to compete with the best in the business.


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