Auction of “Dynasty” diamond by Alrosa from Russia

Joining four other diamonds, is the 51-carat stunner that is set to be sold to a lucky bidder in November

Aug 04, 2017 | By Vimi Haridasan

From Russia with love comes five exquisite polished diamonds that would send a gem lover in a tizzy. Presented by the Russian mining company Alrosa, the diamonds are set to be sold at an online auction in November, one that many will be keeping an eye out for, no doubt. However, the state-owned mining company will be showing the collection to potential buyers from September.

Named after the dynasties on the Romanov-era Imperial court, the collection boasts a 51.4-carat Dynasty diamond, that is the largest of the five gems. The 57-facet traditional round brilliant cut diamond has all the hallmarks of a finely crafted gem that you would love to hold. Boasting a triple excellent cut — which means that has an excellent polish, symmetry and cut — a colourless finish and VVS1 clarity rating, this will a highlight at the auction that is expected to have a starting price of no less than $10 million.

The other diamonds in the collection, include a 16.67-carat round-cut diamond, a 5.05-carat oval diamond, a 1.73-carat pear-cut diamond and lastly a 1.39-carat diamond. Named Sheremetyev, Orlov, Vorontsov and Usupov each one brings back the famous houses who once ruled over Russia before their infamous fall from grace. “There was a good reason to choose the name for the collection, which is connected with Alrosa’s intention to revive the traditions and memory of renowned Russian jewellers famous for their craftsmanship and filigree since Russia’s first cutting and polishing factory founded by Peter I (the Great) early in the 18th century,” the company said.

Before stunning the world in five different creations, the diamonds were, in fact, a part of the 179-carat rough diamond named “Romanovs”. Recovered in 2015 the company’s mine in north-east Russia, it has taken the technicians and craftsmen at Alrosa close to one and a half years to carefully craft the collection. With the upcoming auction garnering so much attention, it remains to be seen if the “Dynasty” will be revived in the near future.

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