Selfridges X Johnnie Walker Black Label

Since it’s still the month of May, British retailer, Selfridges, continues its centenary festivities with more exclusive collaborative products.

Bloom have designed a limited edition bottle to mark the 100 year anniversary of both Johnnie Walker Black Label and Selfridges.

Each of the 100 bespoke bottles produced has a real leather labe in Selfridges’ signature Pantone 109 yellow.

Exclusive to Selfridges, each bottle costs £100.”

Johnnie Walker Black Label

Johnnie Walker Black Label was originally launched by Alexander, grandson of John Walker, the founder of the great Walker whisky dynasty.

In 1906 he launched a whisky based on his father’s original recipe called ‘Extra Special Old Highland Whisky’.

It was packaged in a square bottle with a slanting label, still hallmarks of the Johnnie Walker range today.

However what people remembered was the distinctive black of its label. So in 1909 the range was renamed, and Black Label was born.

johnnie walker