Le Voyage de Delamain – Grande Champagne cognacs

Le Voyage is a blend of Grande Champagne cognacs from the highly respected house of Delamain, nearly 250 years old.

The blend of these cognacs from yesteryear unfolds a kaleidoscope of subtle sensations: all the perfumes of Russian leather, the musky aroma of the tropics, the heady scent of tobacco from the Americas, of coffee from Africa heralding the spicy hints of the Far East and finally the bouquet of grapes from the hillsides of the Grande Champagne.

To ensure that the packing would be treasured, Delamain commissioned French glassmaker Baccarat to design a custom crystal decanter, forged from fire and silica, that would then be encased in a fan-shaped leather luxury gift box, reminiscent of a camera’s bellows.

Most of the 500 bottles sold worldwide have already been purchased or reserved but some are still available on vintagewinegifts priced at £4,000 a bottle.