World’s most expensive Barbie auctioned

The most expensive Barbie in the world, with jewels designed by Australia’s Stefano Caturi, has been sold at Christie’s in New York for $302,500. Mattel commissioned Canturi to create the finger-wide neckpiece and tiny matching ring to promote its new Barbie collection. The jewellery set features a necklace made from three carats of white diamonds … Continued

Christian Louboutin for Barbie: Anemone Barbie

Barbie continues to take the fashion world by storm and thanks to shoe designer Christian Louboutin, she’s just received a third, red-carpet worthy makeover. Dressed in a satin gown with lilac Anemone Louboutin’s, the Anemone Barbie is ready to attend the Cannes film festival in style. Barbie revealed her first outfit in the Christian Louboutin … Continued

Barbie by Christian Louboutin

Barbie continues to take the fashion world by storm and thanks to haute accessories designer Christian Louboutin, she’s just received a second head-to-toe Parisian makeover. Dressed in a khaki, safari- inspired dress and over the knee, hot pink fringed boots, Barbie is ready to Spring into style this season. Barbie revealed her first outfit in … Continued

Palms Resort opens Barbie Suite

Ever dreamed of living in Barbie’s Malibu Dream House? If so, now is your chance! To commemorate Barbie’s 50th birthday, The Palms Resort in Las Vegas unveiled a special Barbie Suite. The new 2,350-square-foot Barbie Suite costs $4,000 a night and has been designed like Barbie’s dream house, complete with pink finishes, a two-way fireplace … Continued

New photos of Fiat 500 dedicated to Barbie

Fiat has released a new series of photographs showing 500 model dedicated to Barbie. In the new images we can appreciate every single detail of this stunning city car with lots of charm, as the gleaming paintwork resembles achieved with deep lacquered colour using ultra fine aluminium plunged in deep.

Malibu Barbie New Beetle Convertible

After the pink version of Italian city car Fiat 500, another company created a fashionista present for Barbie’s 50th Birthday. It’s the time of Volkswagen with its New Beetle dressed like the famous doll and called Malibu Barbie New Beetle Convertible. The chic car made its debut at Barbie’s real-life Malibu Dream House, a 3,500 … Continued

Fiat 500 dedicated to Barbie

Fiat presented a new 500 model dedicated to the most famous fashion doll ever: Barbie. Created by a partnership between the Fiat Centro Stile and Mattel, the Italian city car celebrates Barbie’s fiftieth birthday. It’s a fashionista car with lots of charm, just like Barbie herself. The gleaming paintwork resembles varnish and definitely makes for … Continued

Christian Louboutin to Design Shoes for Barbie

To celebrate her 50th birthday in style next year, Mattel Inc. has enlisted Christian Louboutin to design a special pair of pumps for Barbie. Barbie needs to wear great shoes because every girl needs to wear great shoes.” The shoes will be made in the renowned Barbie Pantone 219 Pink and will be unveiled at … Continued

The World’s Most Expensive Barbie

The most expensive Barbie doll in the world was introduced last week in Mexico City. It is valued at one million mexican pesos ($95,000) and includes 318 real diamonds in its design. Her tiara, a pair of slippers, earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring, are all made out of white gold with diamonds. Even her dress … Continued

The Top 10 Most Expensive Toys

Barbie Diamond Barbie co-designed by De Beers? It comes with a gown sporting 160 diamonds as well white gold miniature jewelry to give the world’s most expensive Barbie doll the world’s most expensive look. The one-off 40th anniversary Barbie created in 1999 comes with a full figured price tag of $85,000. 1959 Barbie No. 1 … Continued

$85,000 Diamond Barbie By De Beers

The Barbie doll, designed by De Beers, is dressed in an evening gown decorated with 160 diamonds and she has complimentary white gold miniature accessories.