A doll house from UK fetches $82,000

This breathtaking dolls house is about to sell for £50,000 -the price of several real homes on the UK property market – after winning the heart of an overseas collector.

The tiny 10-bed mansion, with its own servants’ quarters, a music room with grand piano, a hand-crafted games room with snooker table and a library with over 1,000 separately bound books, took Peter Riches a painstaking 15 years to complete.

He has spent an average of eight hours every day since 1994 working on the miniature mansion, his biggest ever project.

And the only reason he is selling his labour of love is to make space for his next project at home where he is running out of room.

The captivating dolls house measures 1.2m wide, is 82cm deep and stands one metre high.

Placed on its stand, the whole construction sits at eye-level at around the two metre mark.

The largest room in the building – the main dining room – is 50cm wide, 40cm deep and 30cm high.

The shell of the house was made from plaster as Peter hand-etched the 32,000 bricks in the walls and cut the 5,000 roof tiles from cardboard.

“It took a lot of my life but with the money I can take a cruise to Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls and the Grand Canyon.

Those are the three places I promised to myself I would visit before I popped my clogs.” he said

Via Dailymail