Motorola Aura Luxury Phone

Motorola’s going upmarket with its latest phone Aura, a luxury model featuring what the company claims is the world’s first circular display on a mobile device.

The Motorola Aura features a unique design in which the cover twists one hundred and eighty degrees to reveal the keyboard, it has a round sapphire crystal high resolution LCD display. The switch-blade design comes with 2 megapixel camera, 2 GB memory, video capture and streaming capability and about 7.3 hours of talk time.

The case of the Aura is made of chemically etched PVD coated stainless steel whilst the twisting mechanism is made of Tungsten Carbide coated gears and features one hundred and thirty ball bearings meaning each twist is identical.

“The hand-sculpted richness of Aura can literally be felt in its stainless steel housing, textures and patterns chemically etched into its surface,” says Motorola.

The Aura is available for pre-order now and is expected to be launched worldwide beginning in Q4 2008 for a cool $2000. It really looks elegant, but it also costs a lot !