Diamond Soccer Ball

The diamond soccer-balls designed using gold and set of natural diamonds is a commemoration of liveliness and splendor.

For sure to enjoy this blingy accessory, soccer players have to compromise at their spirit of kicking high.

Thanks to Bernard Maquin, an eminent designer for offering such pricey fetish as a part of the Charles Hollander Collection.

It can be seen as a symbol of prestige rather than expressing your playing spirit.

Or you can feel free to gift it to a die hard soccer fan or your beloved who is a big time soccer aficionado.

The diamond ball varies in size and color and is available in a contrast of black-white diamonds or blue-white diamonds with a polish of solid 18K white gold.

Measuring 1-1.75 inch, the weight of the diamond varies from 7-15 ct.

Via elitechoice / emstoneking

soccer ball