Dior’s Animated Film “Mise en Dior”

Mise en Dior

Following recent machine-inspired videos by Chanel and Dior, the latter has released yet another creative ad, this time for its Mise en Dior necklace.

Christian Dior’s creative director of accessories, Camille Miceli, was the visionary behind the film named after the first necklace she created.

Shot from the perspective of one of its pearls, the pinball-inspired film follows its journey along the steps of the creation of the necklace, with every completed detail being ‘rewarded’ with an iconic Dior piece, such as the Lady Dior bag.

Mise en dior pearl

“Life and society have been quite depressed, so I asked myself, ‘How could we have some fun?’ We came up with a pinball machine,” Miceli told WWD.

Watch the video — thought up by Dior’s accessories creative director Camille Miceli.