Hotel unveils hypoallergenic suite

The Four Seasons Hotel Chicago unveiled its new suites this week, soaring high above the Magnificent Mile.

Among the Presidential Suite, the Royal Suite and the Author’s Suite however, was tucked another addition — the Hypoallergenic Suite.

Hypoallergenic rooms are standard at many hotels now, but the full-on suite from the Four Seasons is a first, complete with hardwood floor, special bedding and toiletries and shades instead of curtains.

The addition, designed by Pierre Yves Rochon, ensures that well-to-do allergy sufferers no longer have to endure a normal hypoallergenic room, but can stretch out in a suite cleaned with allergenic solutions that offers stunning views of Lake Michigan.

PURE solutions, a company that specialises in providing allergen-free rooms, says that over 1,500 travelers stay in its allergen-free rooms every week, and that number is growing daily.

In the last month, it’s opened “PURE Allergy Friendly” rooms in Texas, Maryland, Georgia and Athens, Greece, catering to the one third of travelers who report having allergies.

At the Hilton Arlington, which became the first of the chain’s hotels in the city to offer allergy-free rooms in July, the rooms have proved popular.

“The opening of our new PURE Rooms has created an excitement for our guests upon arrival to the hotel, and guests are calling me afterwards to ensure they get another PURE room during their next stay with us” said James Shandor, general manager of Hilton Arlington.

Statistically, PURE says that there are 4.6 million particles per cubic foot in outside air, 3.7 million in a normal hotel room and only 377,000 in a PURE room.

So allergen-free rooms could be the best bet for sniffly guests, if they can afford it — many hotels, even for rooms that aren’t a suite, will charge a premium for rooms that are so squeaky clean.

Source: AFPrelaxnews