Louis Vuitton opens Champs-Elysees store Sunday amid legal battle

Louis Vuitton opened its Champs-Elysees store Sunday amid an ongoing national battle over the supposed day of rest.

French law only allows retailers that sell sporting, recreational, leisure and culture items in heavily trafficked tourist areas to open Sunday. The law is aimed to support “dominical rest.”

Louis Vuitton has argued that the store features a cultural element. The French Confederation of Christian Workers, or CFTC, and a federation of clothing and accessories vendors filed a complaint against the retailer.

France’s highest administrative body ruled against Louis Vuitton on Wednesday, revoking a lower court ruling that had allowed the store to stay open Sundays.

Louis Vuitton parent company LVMH said it does not contest the Council of State’s decision, but called it obsolete because a lower court in December granted a new exception that the council didn’t rule on.

The CFTC said that at some point, barring new legislation, Louis Vuitton will be forced to close the store Sundays because lower courts will now be bound to honour the precedent set by the Council of State.

Conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy has sought to loosen decades-old rules that restrict shopping Sunday, hoping to provide a jolt to France’s moribund economy.

LVMH said 70 jobs were dependent on Sunday openings at the Champs-Elysees store.

Source: AP