Campari’s Art Label Collection

Continuing in its tradition of striking brand imagery, Italy’s most famous red spirit, has launched three inspired reinterpretations of its label.

To celebrate its 150th birthday, Campari enlisted three contemporary artists (avaf, Tobias Rehberger and Vanessa Beecroft) for its Art Label Project: an initiative to highlight the cocktail’s long-standing love affair with the art world.

Using Campari’s notorious red hue as a muse of sorts, the three artists (one of which was a collective) took up the task of designing some knock-out new tags.

From jazz-inspired, to an ethereal female wrapped in her own red hair, to an abstract interpretation of digital design, all three are unique and beautiful making for an overall exclusive collection.

A great gift for fans of the visual arts and Campari aficionados, these limited-edition works of art will be on shelves in selected cities for a limited time starting in March worldwide and in July in the US.