Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson sells private jets in Harrods

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has joined forces with famed London retailer Harrods to open a pop-up shop for private jets.


Uber brings helicopter rental service to Hong Kong

Uber will offer its helicopter rental services UberCHOPPER in Hong Kong this Saturday from 12-5pm.

Airbus hypersonic jet

New Airbus can fly London to New York in one hour

The US Patent and Trademark Office recently approved an application from Airbus for the new jet, which will travel at 4.5 times the speed of sound.

Ryanair Facebook fans faces

Ryanair wants your face on its planes

Fancy your face on one of these? Ryanair is launching a contest that will plaster 30 faces on the fleet of Boeing 737s.

Future airline seats

Do You Like These New Airline Seats?

Zodiac Aerospace has been experimenting with a concept that would feature two forward-facing seats sandwiching a single backward-facing seat.

Qatar Airways’ Airbus A380, star of the Paris Air Show

An A380 Airbus operated by Qatar Airways is one of the most visited aircrafts at the Paris Air Show.

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