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Six Watch Enamelling Techniques

Apr 16, 2017 / Style

Enamelling may be a demanding art, but its organic creation process and numerous techniques available makes for endless possibilities and much to admire

Five Gold Blends in Watchmaking

Apr 14, 2017 / Style

These proprietary gold blends may all have 18-carat purity but their wildly varying properties illustrate metallurgy’s importance to contemporary watchmaking

Six Stunning Timepieces Made of Steel

Apr 12, 2017 / Style

If you’re interested in adding intriguingly expensive timepieces made of this material to your collection, we have the list for you

DeLaCour Reflect Tourbillon: Glow On

Apr 10, 2017 / Style

If timepieces could speak, this one might sing that it is titanium

Focus: Richard Lange "Pour Le Mérite"

Apr 08, 2017 / Style

Known for their attention to detail, the manufacture produces a commanding timepiece that concentrates on delivering time in hours, minutes and seconds

Focus: JLC Rendez-Vous Sonatina Large

Apr 07, 2017 / Style

The Swiss watchmaker debuts a chiming function in the new timepiece for its women’s-watches-only collection

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