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The Fall of an Empire (Update: Iger has Resigned)

Feb 26, 2020 / Business of Luxury

Disney CEO Bob Iger used the success of his $4.24 billion Marvel acquisition to convince the board to pay above market value for Star Wars. Now, the future of the world’s most successful merchandising franchise is questionable. What happened?

The Luxe Jedi: Upcycled LV bag sculptures

Dec 28, 2017 / Art Republik

Through his upcycled Star Wars sculptures, Dishaw aims to create a dialogue about finding creative ways to deal with discarded tech in an environmentally sound way.

10 Fun Facts About the Oscars

Feb 29, 2016 / Events

Before the award ceremony comes to an end, we share some nuggets of information that you may not have known.

Royal Selangor Strikes Back With Second Star Wars Series

Dec 21, 2015 / Interiors & Decor

Royal Selangor adds a limited edition Captain Phasma pewter figurine and two keychains to its exclusive Star Wars collection.

10 Best Dressed at Force Awakens Premiere

Dec 16, 2015 / Celebrities

The world premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was held on Monday, December 14 in Hollywood and some of the attending stars really crushed it.

Star Wars Memorabilia Fetches Above $500,000

Dec 12, 2015 / Auctions

We wonder if Stephen Colbert picked up anything from this Star Wars-themed Sotheby’s sale that netted more than US500,000.

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