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ST Dupont, McLaren Collaborate for Defi Line

Jul 05, 2016 / Beauty

Marking 50 years in Formula 1, the collection is a marriage of car and luxe craft, and it is very athletic and elegant.

S.T. Dupont unveils the Rolling Stones collection

Jul 03, 2015 / Collectibles

S.T. Dupont has unveiled a limited edition paying tribute to legendary rockers Rolling Stones.

ST Dupont “Year of the Dragon” Collection

Feb 13, 2012 / Collectibles

To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, S.T.Dupont has created this exclusive Limited Edition of exceptional hand-made pieces. S.T.Dupont offers three exquisite collections under its Limited edition range. The first is the Dragon Diamond collection which is a set of a pen, lighter and ashtray. The Dragon sculpture on pens and lighters are entirely hand […]

S.T. Dupont pens by Karl Lagerfeld

Jul 19, 2011 / Collectibles

Karl Lagerfeld, has designed a limited edition pen line called Prestige & Chic in collaboration with French house S.T. Dupont. The pens have been designed as an asymmetrical triangular shape with bevelled corners, meaning that they do not roll and ensure comfort for the user. Choose between two variations: “Prestige” in red lacquer or “Chic” […]

S.T. Dupont Architectural Masterpieces Collection

Jun 08, 2010 / Collectibles

S.T. Dupont has worked with jewelry designer Philippe Tournaire to produce a series of writing instruments based on the world’s greatest structures. Called “Architectural Masterpieces,” the series is inspired by three iconic monuments of the contemporary world—Paris’ Les Invalides, Russia’s St. Basil’s Cathedral, and China’s Pagoda of the Sun. The roofing of the structures is […]

S.T.Dupont launches Neptune gift set

Feb 19, 2010 / Collectibles

The luxurious French accessories label S.T.Dupont launches a new limited edition called Neptune (Neptune is the God of Water and the Sea in Roman mythology). S.T.Dupont is paying tribute to this crucial element –water- through this limited edition that embodies waves and serenity in deep blue Chinese placed lacquer. With just 888 units up for […]

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