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Paris Auction Workers Steal from Dead

Sep 08, 2016 / Auctions

35 porters at leading auction house Hotel Drouot were convicted in a French court of pilfering thousands of valuable items from the estates of the deceased.

Judge Blocks Sale of Whitney Houston Emmy

Jun 26, 2016 / Celebrities

A US judge has ruled against the Whitney Houston estate and Heritage Auctions, blocking their attempted sale of the late singer’s Emmy award.

Millions Wrongly Offered to Student, She Spends It

May 07, 2016 / Fashion

The chemical engineering student allegedly received an extended overdraft four years ago and went on a luxury shopping spree.

Oregon Woman Suing for Cost of Designer Clothes

Dec 26, 2015 / Accessories

A Portland woman struck by a drunken driver in a crosswalk has filed a lawsuit seeking US$4,600 for the designer clothes she was wearing at the time.

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