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Trump-owned Ferrari Sold for $270k

Apr 04, 2017 / Collectibles

Are we surprised the car went for a record price? Not really. Here’s why

Trump's Ferrari F430 for sale

Mar 26, 2017 / Cars and Bikes

Auction America’s estimate for the car previously owned by the current president of the United States is £10,000 – £12,000

Ferrari F430 Tattooed by Philippe Pasqua

Dec 08, 2011 / Art Republik

French artisan Philippe Pasqua has unveiled his latest work of art: a Ferrari F430 that’s been covered in skin-colored leather and exquisitely tattooed. For all car enthusiasts, this one-off creation shall be on display at the Galerie Laurent Strouk, Paris around the middle of January 2012.

Fleet of Ferraris ruined in Japan sportscar pileup

Dec 06, 2011 / Cars and Bikes

A fleet of luxury sportscars has been involved in one of the most expensive accidents in history after an astonishing multi-car pile-up in Japan. The wreck included several Ferrari 355s, Ferrari F430s, Ferrari F360, Ferrari F512, Lamborghini Diablo and three Mercedes models as well as a Nissan Skyline. The Ferrari driver reportedly lost control round […]

Ferrari World’s F430 Spider-inspired rollercoaster

May 04, 2010 / Travel

As you probably know the Italian supercar maker has entered the entertainment business by building the Ferrari World Theme Park in Abu Dhabi. Among the twenty or so rides and attractions featured at the park will be the GT roller coaster and this here is the first photograph of the car. Each coaster vehicle in […]

Novitec Rosso Ferrari 430 Scuderia 747HP Edizione

Oct 21, 2009 / Cars and Bikes

To pay homage to the Ferrari F430, German tuners Novitec Rosso took a 430 Scuderia and made it into quite a beast. With the help of Bi-compressor power output is increased to an impressive 747 horsepower (hence the name). A special two-tone matte paint job, a host of interior modifications and new rolling stock mounted […]

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