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Alexander McQueen Reinvents Royal Bridesmaid Dress

Jun 03, 2016 / Fashion

The dress that Pippa Middleton wore to the royal wedding is now on sale… almost.

Net-a-Porter Sells a $50,000 Dress

May 07, 2013 / Fashion

Luxury online retailer is preparing to sell its most expensive ever item – a dress with a pricetag of $50,000.

Zac Posen designs $1.5 million gold dress

Apr 06, 2013 / Fashion

In honor of Magnum’s new Gold ice cream bar, fashion designer Zac Posen has created an evening gown completely covered in 24-karat gold paillettes.

Vera Wang charges $500 to try on dress in China

Mar 27, 2013 / Fashion

Bridal gown designer Vera Wang recently opened her first Chinese boutique, and brides are being charged to even try on the gowns.

Princess Diana dresses sell for $1.2M at auction

Mar 21, 2013 / Auctions

A collection of ten of the late Princess Diana’s formal dresses netted $1.2 million in a London auction Tuesday morning.

Dita Von Teese models a 3D printed dress

Mar 16, 2013 / Design

A high-tech 3D-printed dress made its debut last week, with no less than style icon Dita Von Teese modeling it.

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