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BMW Teases iNext: Paris Motor Show

Oct 07, 2016 / Cars and Bikes

The future is connected and autonomous, and BMW plans to get you there in something called iNext…in 2021.

Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes Top UX Awards

Sep 20, 2016 / Cars and Bikes

The User Experience Awards (hence UX) highlight those cars where technology and infotainment systems are a pleasure rather than a punishment to use.

Self-Driving Cars May Smile at You: Report

Sep 17, 2016 / Cars and Bikes

When your self-driving car picks you up from work, wouldn’t it be great if it smiled at you? That’s the idea driving tech firm Semcon’s concept.

Volvo Preps First Self-Driving Car Public Test

Sep 13, 2016 / Cars and Bikes

The first fully autonomous, self-driving Volvo car to be handed over to a member of the public, has hit the road.

Mercedes-Benz SLC: A New Dynamic

Sep 06, 2016 / Cars and Bikes

The German carmaker gives its iconic roadster a new name, alongside a multitude of technological and aesthetic upgrades.

Tesla Keeps Pace with LaFerrari, Porsche 918

Aug 25, 2016 / Cars and Bikes

Tesla on Tuesday unveiled speedy new model electric cars capable of traveling more than 300 miles (482 kilometers) before needing to be recharged.

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