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Videocitta’ And Fendi presents Lux Formae in Rome

Oct 30, 2018 / Art Republik

In celebration of the bond between contemporary art and fashion, the spectacular project mapping is the largest project ever seen in Italy yet.

STPI Presents “Fragments from a Collective Unity” by Aaron Curry

Oct 02, 2018 / Art Republik

Established in 2002, STPI is committed to promoting artistic experimentation in the mediums of print and paper and has become one of the most cutting-edge destinations for contemporary art in Asia.

A Solo Exhibition By Sunny Chyun

Oct 01, 2018 / Art Republik

From 9am to 6.30pm every Monday to Saturday until the 4th of November 2018, art lovers are welcome to visit the exhibition of 15 art pieces. 

Flicker and Forms

Aug 24, 2018 / Art Republik

The idea that the past is a buried object awaiting excavation subscribes to a model of history that few, if not any, scholars would accept today.

‘Contact Lens’: Exhibition at Hermès Liat Towers

Jul 15, 2017 / Art Republik

Japanese contemporary artist Haruka Kojin plays with perspectives in her thought-provoking new window installation

Creating a new artistic language

Jul 13, 2017 / Art Republik

88-year-old Taiwanese artist Chu Wei-Bor talks about his inspiration and the core concepts of his abstract art, deeply rooted in eastern philosophy.

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