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Prada Presents Simplicity in a Five-Part Digital Film Installation For Spring 2021

“As times become increasingly complex, clothes become straightforward, un-ostentatious, machines for living and tools for action and activity.”

Sep 23, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

Prada Spring 2021

Running seamlessly, Italian luxury fashion house, Prada delivered a digital group installation of five films by Willy Vanderperre, Juergen Teller, Joanna Piotrowska, Martine Syms, and Terence Nance. Shot and directed at the iconic Fondazione Prada which not only houses an extensive art collection, but now accommodates all post-covid runway shows.

Prada Presents Simplicity in a Five-Part Digital Film Installation For Spring 2021


Showcasing shivering violins over backlit, dynamic shift-focus shots of narrow tailoring silhouettes in black and white, the films which spanned the duration of 11 minutes, artistically portrayed the brand’s latest Spring 2021 collection in a series of contrasts. Featuring full-skirted black nylon evening dresses against smocked workwear, and ascetic suiting off-set by sportswear, the fast paced montage was a cinematic experience within itself.


With meta-meta layering of screen-on-screen elements, each film exuded an astonishing level of visual distance, be it through paneled foregrounds or overlooking angles, or the exploding moon and ghostly survival blanket, Terence Nance had inputted. Ushering a soothing sense of serenity, each film is littered with intricate details, which tie the collection together as a whole.


Ultimately, the designers and directors of Prada have used the Spring 2021 collection to draw attention to the constantly intertwined concepts of simplicity and complexity, “I think that our job as fashion designers is to create clothes for people, that is the honesty of it. That is really the value of our job—to create beautiful, intelligent clothes. This season, we focused on that idea: It is about clothes, about giving value to pieces. The clothes are simple, but with the concept of simplicity as an antidote to useless complication. This is a moment that requires some seriousness, a moment to think and to reflect on things. What do we do, what is fashion for, what are we here for? What can fashion contribute to a community?”

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