The World’s Most Expensive Mens Shoes 5 days 5 pairs

Choosing the right shoes everyday of the week. They say your style should change seasonally, except if you own such exemplary footwear would you not prefer to mark the days with a signature set of shoes. 5 pairs for 5 days. Monday – Friday, the Most Expensive Mens Work Shoes

Dec 03, 2018 | By Anastazia Prahin

For Monday, take away the Mundane feel. How they say, when life gives you Monday dip it in glitter and shine all day. Perhaps we exchange glitter for 14,000 full cut round white diamonds and we have your attention. Or more likely, more you’ll have everybody else’s.

The World’s Most Expensive Mens Shoes 5 days 5 pairs

With 340 carats at your feet, you simply could not resist jumping out of bed to get your day started. The very thoughtful Jason of Beverly Hills’ has hand-set every stone in white gold, and among the sweet 2,000 hours of craftsmanship, this design incorporates a sole by no other than, Tom Ford. Now be honest …is Monday still an issue.

2,000,000 USD (Bespoke, Jason of Beverly Hills)

For a Tuesday, be simple yet classy. Think Fendi. Lagerfeld’s expert eye can make the simplest item, evoke the most irresistible desire. With this charming number you’ll be toning it down, sleek and simple compared from your Monday style. Tuesday is all about keeping it simple and classy.

1,850 USD (Fendi, Metallic Trim Oxford shoes)


Wednesday, is romance. There needs to be a sprinkle of love and temptation mid-week otherwise, what a bore. Does a red-sole and a Parisian touch get a little smoulder going.

995 USD (Christian Louboutin, Cousin Charles Flat)

Thursday, this is a toss-up between Hermes and the almond toe oxford, crafted by Haider Ackermann. Shall we formalise with the ever-present Hermes, or spunk it up a little with Ackermann’s innovative aesthetic, that draws from his peripatetic childhood.

1,125 USD (Hermes, Norris Derby); 1,927 USD (Haider Ackermann, Almond Toe Oxford)

Friday, is practicality and fun. Look no further than a Church’s Loafer. Having this hand-made iconic style on your feet makes you feel ready for work, and even more ready for the drinks after.

550 USD (Church; Willenhall, Bookbinder Fumè Loafer Black)


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