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Auspicious Fortune Bamboo crafted from Indian Lao Shan Sandalwood by Ace Wood

Purchased during the Lunar New Year festive season, feng shui house plants do not last but Singapore artisan Ace Wood has created exquisite, long lasting Fortune Bamboo and Tangerine Trees using Indian sandalwood carvings

Jan 29, 2020 | By Jonathan Ho

In this season of the Lunar New Year, Singaporean artisans Ace Wood has conceived of new, everlasting exquisite masterpiece – auspicious fortune bamboo (富贵竹) and Tangerine Tree (大吉大利) handcrafted from exotic Indian Lao Shan Sandalwood. Suffice it to say, this novel creation is a real boon to folks who aren’t gifted with green fingers, often, many of us will buy small plants from IKEA only to have them perish two weeks later and the Lunar New Year season is no different; purchased during the festive period, enjoy over a few days and then casually thrown away as the plants start to wither and brown.

Auspicious Fortune Bamboo and Tangerine Tree crafted from Indian Lao Shan Sandalwood by Ace Wood

For the first time in Singapore, the popular Feng Shui houseplants like fortune bamboo and tangerine trees are handcrafted by Ace Wood artisans using Lao Shan Sandalwood, a small tropical tree native to India and Southeast Asia. Valued for its fragrant and medicinal qualities and considered sacred in some cultures, Indian sandalwood historically commands high prices for its essential oil while larger species of the Lao Shan sandalwood are rarer still, and no longer used for fine woodworking. Hence a specimen like this exquisite carved Ace Wood Fortune Bamboo carving is a real interior feature.

Everlasting and not requiring water (thus no risk of mosquito breeding unlike most house plants), the Ace Wood carved fortune bamboo stands at 17cm tall (with larger models as tall as 23cm), with a base diameter of 14cm and weighs 473g. Larger models are as tall as 23cm.

Indian Sandalwood is one of the most sacred herbs of Ayurveda. Sandalwood powder and essential oil are renowned for their many medicinal and spiritual uses. Strictly regulated as a result of immense demand for its cosmetic and therapeutic value, Indian sandalwood is an extremely expensive material for carving artefacts. Early sandalwood carvings were of deities, or special boxes used to house important curios and precious goods. The distinctive aroma sets sandalwood creations apart from all other woodwork and Ace Wood’s feng shui house plant sculptures hand-carved in a variety of positions representing luck and wealth, emit a sweet, rich, woody, exotic and lingering scent – enough to be noticed but not domineering.

Available in bamboo and tangerine tree forms, the Ace Wood’s Indian sandalwood feng shui house plants continue the artistic traditions of thousand year old handcrafts which originated from artisans in Shimoga, Mysore, Uttara Kannada and Bangalore districts of Karnataka. What made India world-famous for its elegant figurines with intricate details are today practiced by Ace Wood’s master artisans from Xianyou County in the Fujian province of China.

Two state sponsored master craftsmen and three provincial grade artists take 45 to 50 days from concept to carving to finish something small like the Tangerine Tree while something as intricate and detailed with the leaves and structure of the auspicious Bamboo Plant takes around 60 days. Why settle for a mere feng shui house plant when you can own a spell-binding eternal masterpiece from Ace Wood?

Ace Wood is a leading Rosewood Company in Singapore which offers craftsmanship and bespoke rosewood and sandalwood products for your decorative needs. [Shop Ace Wood sandalwood feng shui house plants here]

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