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Want a Lux Super-Soaker? Get the Champagne Gun

King of Sparklers’ new product for intense affluent fun. If you don’t have a sense of humor, this toy is not for you.

Apr 02, 2016 | By Staff Writer

Proving once again that everything can be taken to gratuitous excesses with just the right amount of money, and a little bit of innovation, this little gem from King of Sparklers is just the right product for those who don’t think their champagne drinking sessions contain enough phallic intensity. The Champagne Gun is set to liven up any party and bring smiles to the faces of many –except maybe connoisseurs who’ll grieve at the voluminous amounts of sparkling fluid dissipating into the air.

Girls w guns

The gun is constructed from a metal structure with a plastic shell, and a high-quality metal finish. Possible colors include chrome, gold, and rose gold. The gun can be loaded with any magnum champagne bottle (except for ‘special bottles’). While it has the spraying capacity, there’s also an alternate service spout in order to provide simple glass-refills. (This functionality makes it perfect for waiters as well, especially those facing particularly rowdy or irritating guests…)


The Champagne Gun goes at $459 each. More details can be seen on their site over here.

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