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Burberry Launches Made-To-Order Catwalk Service

The new Burberry Runway Made to Order service offers custom-made outerwear and bags, with bespoke nameplates.

Feb 21, 2013 | By AFPRelaxnews

Burberry fashion show

British brand Burberry is proposing an innovative new way to do business, rolling out a new ‘Runway Made to Order’ service during the current London Fashion Week.

Traditionally the collections are shown to buyers and journalists at shows and private presentations around six months before they hit the store.

It’s there that buyers attempt to assess likely demand and order differing volumes of items from the collection, which get manufactured and delivered in the following months, before finally hitting retail. Hence the Spring 2013 styles that were shown off last September are only just hitting stores now.

Burberry is aiming to leverage its enormous social media influence and online fan base to cut out the middle man, offering the brand’s biggest fans the chance to pre-order their own personalized versions of the latest Autumn-Winter 2013 styles.

This season all the bags and outerwear shown in the Burberry runway presentation Monday are currently available to pre-order now online.

burberry made to order

According to the brand “each piece is made to order for you” and customers are also given the option to personalize their items with bespoke nameplates for free.

This ‘hot off the runway service’ has run since Sep 2010, but it’s the first time that Burberry acolytes have been able to make their own special mark on the garments.

The brand is also boasting “smart personalization” — NFC (near field communication) chips in the items will tell the story of the garment from manufacture to delivery, when they are held up to compatible NFC-enabled devices.

They will also display their history when customers visit high-tech Burberry stores (enabled with NFC readers and giant screens) for an added “Minority Report” vibe.

The ‘Runway Made to Order’ service is set to run for the next 13 days. The following video explains more about the campaign:

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