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Experience the Exceptional of Elon Musk’s $17 million Bel Air McMansion

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Nov 07, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

Image courtesy of Luxurylaunches

Landed on a prime area with a supreme address, Los Angeles’ Bel Air McMansion seems like a real deal for well-known celebrities like reality TV regular Kim Kardashian and Singer Kanye West as well as Canadian singer-songwriter and actress, Avril Lavigne, who has recently listed her sprawling $9.5 million Bel Air McMansion residence for sale.

Even Tesla’s chairman & CEO, Elon Musk, looked to scoop up the upscale Bel Air McMansion with complete furnishing for about $24.25 million most recently. Musk, is listed in Forbes’ one of the 400 most wealthiest entrepreneurs in America, with a real time net worth of close to $19.3 billion, as of November 7, 2017 and he could very well-afford it without batting an eyelash.

This ultra-luxury and expansive mansion, with a neoclassical architectural style which Musk bought in 2012, is valued at $17 million. It was not known which interior designer he had engaged to style his stately abode, but this huge living space as pictured here, is ensconced in a seemingly relaxed atmosphere that is set against a blue sky backdrop. The mega house comes with seven bedrooms, seven full baths and four half baths.

Image courtesy of Luxurylaunches

Image courtesy of Luxurylaunches

Like that of a vacation club or a luxury apartment, the outdoor features in his home include recreational facilities such as a pool, a tennis court plus a home theatre and a gym inside the extensive indoor living space.

The Bel Air McMansion truly is a perfect residence for wealthy homeowners to embrace and enjoy all the privacy and peace that Bel Air neighbourhood has to offer.

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