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Hammer & Nail Pointillism

Artist David Foster makes Impressive portraits from thousands of hammered nails

Aug 31, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Artist David Foster has created an incredible new series of works using nails. The series features portraits crafted by meticulously hammering nails into canvas. Foster’s award-winning piece, titled Lashes and Nails, is made from 16,000 nails. His artwork begins with a photograph that reproduces in ink by meticulously stippling every contour. He translates his drawings into his nail artpiece by enlarging the sketch to see where the nails should go, and then starts hammering away. The level of realism Foster achieves with the nails is unbelievable and it has taken several years to master his technique. 

The Artist explains: 

“My journey into art has come from a career in Architecture. My love of technical drawing has matured into using just ink pen stippling to create shadow and light with just dots and now more excitingly with hammer and nails. I have always been fascinated with how little information the brain needs to interpret a picture and love the simplicity of a picture made up from just dots…The whole process thrills me, taking just a hammer and a box of nails and arranging them into an artwork…You really need to see my work up close as photographs don’t do it justice.”

Lashes And Nails

Lashes And Nails 1.

Lashes And Nails 2.

Lashes And Nails 3.

Lashes And Nails 4.

Lashes And Nails 5.

Lashes And Nails 6.

Lashes And Nails 7.

Lashes And Nails 8

Lashes And Nails 9

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