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Broken Maple Wood & Resin Jewelry

Marcel Dunger “Repairs” Broken Pieces of Wood With Colorful Bio-resin

Aug 31, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Product designer Marcel Dunger has found a fashionable way of recycling broken wood. He has recently created a series of elegant small rings, pendants and earrings by piecing together broken pieces of maple wood with colored bio-resins. The resin is poured onto a large piece of broken wood and after the wood and resin hardens, the piece is made into a piece of jewelry. There seems to be a recent trend of incorporating repairs into new and improved objects. The cool colours of the resins juxtaposed against the rough wood gives the series an edgy, urban vibe. You can see more of Dunger’s work in his online portfolio.



Dunger 2

Dunger 3

Dunger 4

Dunger 6

Dunger 7

Marcel Dunger Jewelry 1


via thisiscolossal

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