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Faust’s Frost

Anonymous graffiti artist writes messages on snow covered cars in New York

Mar 04, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Anonymous graffiti artist Faust is widely recognised for designing stickers that are used to decorate paper boxes in New York. Recently, the New York- based artist took advantage of the icy weather in the big apple by writing elegant messages on snow-covered cars. Using the frozen surfaces of icy windshields and hoods as his canvas, Faust writes calligraphy in the snow. He leaves winter-themed messages such as “cold as ice”. Some writings and messages are more ambiguous than others. 

Although Faust protects his real identity, he still takes on high-profile jobs, working with large corporations such as Nike and Samsung. 

To learn more about his work, visit Faust’s official tumblr here.


Fausts Frost

Fausts Frost 1

Fausts Frost 2

Fausts Frost 3

Fausts Frost 4

Fausts Frost 5

Fausts Frost 6


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