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European Art Galleries Open in New York

Good news for art fans in the Big Apple: more European art spaces are seeking to open galleries in New York.

Jul 21, 2016 | By Luxuo

Having opened multiple London branches and one in Hong Kong, the White Cube gallery of Europe has been looking across the Atlantic to open a new space in New York. While a precise location is currently unknown, it is a monumental occasion, for the White Cube gallery represents quite a number of the Young British Artists, notably Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin.


This, however, is not an independent move, and a similar phenomenon of European galleries spreading to and expanding in the US is being observed. German Galerie Buchholz, which represents artists such as Isa Genzken, Wollfgang Tillmans, and Jutta Koether, opened a space in NYC’s Upper East Side, in proximity to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in July 2015. The first Buchholz gallery began in Cologne in the 1980s (there are now three spaces in the city), and a West Berlin branch opened in 2008.

Another case in point: London’s Seventeen Gallery, which represents artists such as Jon Rafman and Uriel Orlow, has also recently announced plans to open a New York space on the Lower East side. In a similar vein, Lisson Gallery has also expanded their reach in the US with a Chelsea location this May following their offices on the Lower East Side. Given that New York has always been an important hub for the arts, this may be unsurprising but perhaps what is notable is that European galleries are coming across the pond. In any event, New Yorkers rejoice, because life is about to become more colorful – literally.

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