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Paper-cut and Laser-Cut Wood Relief Sculptures by Gabriel Schama

Apr 02, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Artist Gabriel Schama’s mandala-like paper and laser-wood sculptures are stunning. Using his unique laser-cutting techniques and extraordinary precision, he creates these 3D works that are each unique in their rhythm, color and texture. He uses laser-cut wood for his more monochromatic pieces, and hand-cuts and layer paper for his more colorful pieces. His sculptures bring to mind the vibrancy and intricate patterns of mandalas. His works are both aesthetically impressive, as well as impressive to touch due to their textures. 

On his paper cutting technique, the artist explains on his website :After about a year of similar work I started making larger scale abstract works. I envision these as the magnification of the same surreal texture that animates the characters above. I would sketch a thin design on the first layer, and glue on the second sheet of paper once the first was cut. Each iteration of cutting and layering changes the look and feel of the piece, so that it slowly emerges over the course of weeks.” 

The Oakland-based artist won’t stop here- he plans to experiment with other mediums such as leather, plywood and acrylics for his next new sculpture projects.

Check out more of his work here


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