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Recognising That Nothing Exists In A Vacuum With Australian Artist Myles Young

Myles Young will often post an original artwork onto Instagram and within 24-hours it’s sold. From making his own canvases to painting pieces that raise our level of curiosity. This contemporary artist has a unique style and we’re intrigued.

Jan 25, 2019 | By Anastazia Prahin

Myles Young. “Relaxer-II”. 87 x 97cm oil on canvas. 2018.


Every work by Young evokes critical thinking in a warm and gentle fashion. Perhaps this evocative yet calming style of artwork can explain, why Myles Young is able to captivate such a diverse audience.


Addressing Themes Through The Form Of Abstraction


Myles Young. Weather Station. 100x122cm. oil on canvas. 2018


A gentleman who makes and primes all his own canvases, an homage/pays homage to his personal style, by crafting everything with freedom and precision.

For him, “Contemporary Art, gives a voice to anyone daring enough to try it and put in the work”,

The observer, much like the Artist sees a catalyst of new ideas and instinctually begins to draw connections. Young’s talented hand in form abstraction is evident, as he skilfully takes an ordinary object and transforms it into a plethora of concepts. He gives the object a life of its own when he decides to put on canvas.




Whatever the original item, it will be the last thing you notice from the artwork. Many times only noticing what the original object was well after your mind retreats from the indulgent self-thoughts his artwork provokes in you.

His paintings conceptually address, that nothing we recognise exists in a vacuum.

Often depicting two things simultaneously, his works create an environment that promotes consideration of the two ideas in a single space.




Myles’ ability to promote the viewers imagination is like none-other than that of Rene Magritte, a surrealist who believed, “Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see”. His work harnesses curiosity and his use of line, form and colour nod to Vincent Van Gogh. The loose forms present are inspired by Brett Whiteley, while painters Francis Bacon and Oskar Kokoschka, who both endlessly played with the abstraction of our human figure is a clear influence, yet a distinctive difference is drawn.

Unlike Bacon who was dark and tortured, Myles is soft and patient. Myles embodies these influences and produces art that we rarely get to see. An end product that encourages  questioning yet is not overly intrusive.

When encountering an artwork by Myles Young, the first experience is a tenderness that arises as your eyes naturally follow the curved lines on the canvas. A sense of relaxation and curiosity partner up as your eyes travel along the slender cues. The warmth felt by the waved lines are altered every so often by the intuitive changes assisted by the surrounding colour. Young paints with figuration at the heart of his work, as well as abstraction of familiar forms and through the interchangeable use of oil, pastels and acrylic paint, we are presented themes of contemporary living.



His independently-run studio exhibition, On My Own, provides the most intimate of experiences of all, not only are we promoted to think about the evoking images but now we are able to throw our ideas around with Myles himself and gain insight from his viewpoint as he extracts key moments of the artwork that interact most with our lens.

On My Own, exhibits artwork that explores ideas of power dynamics, hybrid machinery, family life and contemporary living. Addressing themes through the form of abstraction and in how far an image can be abstracted before the original meaning is hidden. Myles Young will often post a piece to Instagram and in the same day have it sold, so for On My Own ensure you call up to reserve a space. When placing priority purchases, and for up-to-date pieces visit, A boutique level exhibition will take place in, The Young Room, on Trafalgar St in Petersham, Sydney, Australia, and in a deeply personal exchange, we are afforded the opportunity to enter the space where, On My Own came to fruition. Myles will follow his studio show with another at JEFA Gallery later in 2019.


On My Own runs from Jan 7th – April 4th, 2019

Sydney, Australia


For more information on Myles Young visit,

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