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CRN Shows Megayacht Designs by Vallicelli, Lobanov, Paszkowski

Part of Italy’s fast-growing Ferretti Group, CRN has unveiled spectacular designs by Andrea Vallicelli, Igor Lobanov and Francesco Paszkowski.

Feb 11, 2019 | By John Higginson

Italy’s CRN has presented a range of new megayacht designs including the 70m She concept by Vallicelli Design, the 75m Begallta designed with Lobanov Design and Pulina DNA, plus the AlfaRosso explorer yachts by Francesco Paszkowski, available in 45m, 50m and 55m models.

Andrea Vallicelli says “softness and delicacy of feminine forms” inspired the design of the 70m She

Andrea Vallicelli says “softness and delicacy of feminine forms” inspired the design of the 70m She

She has been developed by CRN’s Technical Office and Vallicelli Design, the Italian architecture and design studio helmed by Andrea Vallicelli and Alessandro Nazareth. The five-deck superyacht has a slender profile and linear styling, with a horizontal line inscribed from the bow all along the hull and around the transom.

Vallicelli said: “Working with CRN is always an exciting challenge and this project is no exception. As the yacht’s name suggests, the softness and delicacy of feminine forms have strongly inspired this design and its fluid, elegant lines.”

Stefano De Vivo, CRN’s Chief Commercial Officer, added: “She is a new design of considerable potential, defined by her flexibility, sophistication of line, and generous interior and exterior spaces devised by Vallicelli Design in what is proving a highly satisfactory partnership.”

Lobanov Design drew the futuristic 75m Begallta

Lobanov Design drew the futuristic 75m Begallta

CRN, part of Italy’s Ferretti Group, has also been collaborating with Lobanov Design, which was founded in 2007 by Russian Igor Lobanov and his wife Yulia.

Spread across offices in Moscow and Barcelona, Lobanov Design created the exterior lines and spatial layout of Begallta, while Pulina DNA handled the interiors of a yacht designed for extended cruises.

Begallta’s silhouette features a tapered bow and line that slants along the hull and superstructure like a ribbon, while the yacht’s futuristic look reaches the stern, where the ‘cut’ on the corners is another distinctive trait.

“Creating iconic yachts that etch themselves into the imagination at first sight is what our design approach is all about,” said Igor Lobanov, the studio’s Creative Director.

“The constant quest for dynamic, ingenious, original solutions that instantly express a precise idea through the use of different styles is integral to our way of working. We are pleased to have worked with CRN on what has proved a fascinating intellectual challenge for our studio.”

CRN’s AlfaRosso explorer yachts are by Francesco Paszkowski Design

CRN’s AlfaRosso explorer yachts are by Francesco Paszkowski Design

CRN also unveiled the AlfaRosso concept by Paszkowski Design, headed by Milan-born Francesco Paszkowski. Starting with a 45m model with a gross tonnage of 499, the AlfaRosso displacement yachts are designed for long voyages with the ability to explore remote destinations.

The yachts have a crisply defined hull profile, sharp, clean lines and large outdoor spaces. Areas often reserved on explorer yachts
for technical areas are instead used for guest areas, who can enjoy a flush-deck pool on the main deck and extensive terraces. All the toys are stowed in the bow area to keep the decks clean.

Steel handrails are used instead of the classic gunwales, while interior features include large windows – some from floor to ceiling – and open-step stairs linking the decks.

“Power on the water and a sensation of merging with the surrounding space are the keys to this design,” Paszkowski said. “AlfaRosso’s sharply defined architectural geometries embrace large indoor guest areas with generous windows that give a strong sense of continuity between inside and outside.”

De Vivo was full of praise for CRN’s collaborations with Paszkowski and with Lobanov.

“We are excited to continue our collaboration with a dynamic industry leader like Francesco Paszkowski Design. Solidity on the water and a sense of being at one with the surrounding space were the principles underpinning the AlfaRosso design, in perfect harmony with the crisp styling by Francesco Paszkowski,” De Vivo said.

“Begallta is an absolutely unique, unparalleled design, where the Lobanov studio’s signature style shines through. We love challenges, and this collaboration with Lobanov Design has yielded a stunningly innovative project that harmoniously blends sophisticated modern style and intimate contact with the elements of nature to exhilarating effect.”

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