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Trasco Armoured Aston Martin DB11 – James Bond Car in Real Life

This armoured Aston Martin DB11 is the closest thing you can get to a real life MI6 issue vehicle for agents with “00” status

Sep 13, 2018 | By Jonathan Ho


The Aston Martin DB11 is the most powerful and efficient ‘DB ‘production model in Aston Martin’s history, debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016 as a replacement to the DB9, it  was designed by Marek Reichman, Aston Martin’s chief creative officer to take grand touring to unprecedented (and luxuries) heights.

Trasco Armoured Aston Martin DB11 – James Bond’s Car available for civilians

While James Bond’s Aston Martin DBS V12 is wrecked during the opening Quantum of Solace chase scene and is later seen in a DB10 in Spectre, Trasco’s Armoured Aston Martin DB11 is probably the car he would use if one wasn’t available from Q branch.


The Armoured Aston Martin DB 11 has been upgraded to incorporate the new TRASCO Q Line as A-KIP® light-weight armoured concept. Striking the perfect balance between excitement, refinement and protection.  While this armoured Aston Martin might look stock on the outside, this Trasco-modified DB11 is capable of stopping small arms and rifle fire.

The armoured Aston Martin is designed to protect the vehicle occupants using only certified ballistic materials such as ballistic steel combined with composite materials which are fitted inside the doors and Level 4 Certified Ballistic Glass all-round, this means that unlike other armoured editions, the additional composite and ballistic materials providing the protection weighs less than 150kg – the gross vehicle weight remains unchanged. Therefore there is no compromise of the Trasco’s Armoured Aston Martin’s performance or comfort characteristics.

For 30 years, Germany-based Trasco is one of the world’s leading commercial armored vehicle providers, specialised in armored limousines for Heads of States, armored sedans and SUVs as well as special vehicles and equipment for Ministries of Defense and Interior.

No word on whether Trasco is legally allowed to install rear-facing double-barreled guns, a rear-facing flamethrower, and an ejection seat with parachute. That said, you can look forward to James Bond’s DB5 from Skyfall making its return. We last saw it in Q’s lab being rebuilt in Spectre, and is seen completed at the end of the film.

Armoured Aston Martin DB11, Price on Request. Order Here.


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