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Autonomous cars: iNext, BMW electric crossover brings Level 3 autonomy

The future is now, as car manufacturers have shown with their upcoming products that will bring us one step closer to living like The Jetsons

Aug 02, 2017 | By LUXUO

BMW has joined the league of luxury car manufacturers who are venturing into the world of autonomous driving and fans are waiting with bated breath for more information on what its electric crossover can offer. While we have yet to hear any confirmation on the name of the new creation, it will certainly feature level 3 autonomous driving capability.

Currently, under the working name of iNext, which stems from the Vision Next 100 concept, the car’s level 3 autonomy is defined as “conditional automation”. With this definition, BMW has come one step closer to what we would picture driverless to be all thanks to the mode specific system allowing the vehicle to take control of all functions. However, a driverless system does not mean that a driver is not needed completely. In fact, a driver would have to be ready to intervene should the need arise.

Speaking to InsideEVs, BMW Canada’s national manager, Kevin Marcotte, said the new model will represent “a major leap forward not only in terms of electrification but also in technology. It will be the next big thing for us in terms of leapfrogging the industry.”

The new iNext may not be all that it was first hyped up to be but thankfully BMW had not scrapped the project as had been suggested. Instead, BMW recently announced that it would be simplifying the lineup to concentrate on electrification, putting an electric crossover firmly in the pipeline for the German brand.

Regardless of the name, BMW has confirmed that the new electric crossover will go on sale in 2021 and will be accompanied by a number of new technologies. In 2018, the brand will bring us the roadster version of the i8, a Mini EV in 2019 and an all-electric version of the X3 in 2020.

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