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Stelton Releases New Range of Tableware Designed by Norman Foster

Stelton Releases New Range of Tableware Designed by Norman Foster

From wine carafe and coffee cups to wine goblets and bowls as well as a tray, the new contemporary range of tableware collection by British architect Norman Foster and Danish design brand Stelton blend sculptural form and soft geometry to create exceptional tableware.

Whether it is mass manufactured product or a handcrafted object, Norman Foster described the common denominator as the care and love that goes into it at every stage, creating a product that is going to be part of everyday lives.

Founded in the 1960s in Denmark by Niels Stellan Høm and Carton Madelaire, Stelton is known for producing stainless steel tableware. The innovative design house, Stelton, used the very best of materials to bring unique characteristics to its latest range of tableware.

Each tableware by Foster + Partners is synonymous with quality, workmanship and textures. Speaking of the new range, Norman Foster interprets in his own words on the sculptural and geometric designs, he said: “There’s a wonderful ambiguity in the power of a curve, the power of a line, whether it is defining an individual, a building, a bridge, a skyline, or a vessel. They are all part of the same family, in a way.”

While it has always been Stelton’s tradition to team up with leading designers to produce from a wide range of tableware to lifestyle accessories, with that in mind, the design house offers a new interpretation of luxury tableware set to complement the modern-day table settings and purposes.

“They all comes down to the elements that we touch, the interface of our daily lives. The translation of a design idea through prototyping and production, and the quality of those finishes is vital,” he added.

A major name on the international architecture scene, previous projects from Norman Foster include London’s “Gherkin” – officially named 30 St Mary Axe – and Millennium Bridge. He won the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1999.

For more information about the new tableware range, please visit www.fosterandpartners.com.

Christofle: La Ruche Silver-Plated Set

Christofle: La Ruche Silver-Plated Set

La Ruche Jardin d’Eden is a 38-piece silver plated set designed to accommodate to every type of event. Thanks to the flatware and special finish choice, the chest set contains six of each of the following: table fork, table knife, table spoon, dessert fork, dessert knife, dessert spoon. The luxurious tableware also includes two serving pieces: a serving fork and a serving spoon.

This new version of the La Ruche brings a blend of classicism and modernity to the cutlery set, illustrated by the majestic cover lift that reveals the emblematic Christofle cutlery collections: Louis XV-style Marly pattern, the Empire-style Malmaison or Jardin d’Eden signed by Marcel Wanders complement the Ruche in perfect harmony.

Combining classicism and modernity, Ruche offers a new interpretation of flatware set that let you rediscover the pleasure of the traditional French table art in everyday life. Born from a combination of the table dome and straw hive, in resonance with the Maison’s symbols of which one is the bee, this majestic chest reveals a classic flatware set carefully placed in a black lacquered wooden socle.



Petite Friture Launches First Tableware Collection

Your kitchen is about to get a lot more stylish, thanks to French design manufacturer Petite Friture. The firm has launched its first tableware collection, “Succession”, since its debut in 2009 at the prestigious Maison & Objet trade fair.

Comprising eight pieces, the monochromatic collection includes plates in three sizes, a bowl, a salad bowl, a pitcher, a tea cup and a coffee cup. Using primarily porcelain, the collection celebrates the imperfection of creation – from the juxtaposing raw matte exterior surface and glossy enamel interior, to the organic traces of felt and rope left behind from a unique molding process.


Besides snazzy tableware, Petite Friture’s latest project also includes playful culinary-inspired accessories for the kitchen. Pendant lights are inspired by sausages hanging in a delicatessen, while the “Tubercule” wall hooks are the exact replica of two potatoes, handpicked by SCMP Design Office.



Celebrity Chef Guy Savoy, Alessi Create Tableware

Simplicity is the key to the new set of tableware cooked up between French Michelin-starred Chef Guy Savoy and Designer Bruno Moretti for Italian kitchenware design firm Alessi. Entitled the “Human Collection”, the whole set consists of a salad bowl in two different sizes, a pair of salad servers, as well as a cutlery set for amuse-bouches and desserts, all manufactured for a subtle aesthetic effect by playing with the shine and bend of the material.



Diners at Guy Savoy’s restaurant at the Monnaie de Paris can view the collection in action, where the chef will be making use of them of course. The mirrored surface of the plates reflect and disperse the image of any dishes placed upon it, creating a lively multiplicity for the eye. The thinness of the elongated cutlery makes for a dainty effect.


Guy Savoy received his three stars in 2002, and this status was reaffirmed in Michelin’s latest guide. This isn’t the first time Alessi has worked with such a high profile chef. In fact, they’ve been collaborating with such names since the 1970s. Another renowned French chef they worked with was Alain Ducasse, who teamed with the designer Patrick Jouin to create the brand’s “Pasta Pot”.

You can check out Alessi’s products over at their website.

4 Playful Designs by Studio Job

The Milan Furniture Fair has all types of designs to offer – from the elegant to the artistic. Still, some connoisseurs who love the off-kilter, the novel, the humorous, or the playful, may be looking around for a little something with a bit of a barmy edge to it. Belgian design studio, Studio Job, has got that covered. Working with various others, these are the designs that touch a bit on the wackier side of life:



Slipping on a banana peel has always been a staple of slapstick comedy. Inspired by that, Designer duo Nynke Tynagel and Job Smeets from Studio Job has the perfect item to bring about those same clownish smiles you get when watching the wackiest Looney Tunes cartoons. The “Nodus Thanks a Bunch” rug has a banana peel pattern framed up in a circular shape, putting the yellow fruit firmly underfoot, without the embarrassment of having to fall over, of course.

Ghidini 1961ghidini1961-Milan-Furniture-Fair-2016


Italian metal manufacturer Ghidini has helped Studio Job work up a few pieces. For those who want to take their noir/hard-boiled fix to a whole new level, the Studio Job bullet-shaped vase helps add a bit of edge to your living room.

On the lighter side of things, this thimble-shaped champagne bucket has a bit of the fairytale-ish touch. It was inspired by Smeets’ childhood memories of an eccentric aunt who stitched a thimble in gold thread accompanied by a verse into the lining of a coat she made for the designer.



Mosaic specialist Bisazza has a design with a Paleolithic/Voodoo flavor. Motifs for this work includes skeletons of fish, turtles and frogs, and silhouettes of mice, bows, airplanes, bones and rings.



The quirky motifs continue with a furniture collection for Dutch interior design manufacturer Moooi. Classical pieces of wooden furniture are painted with patterns incorporating bananas, bibles, basketballs, keys, dice, and more.

For an added touch of the surreal, you can also check out a lighting line with buckets for shades, including a floor lamp, a wall light and a ceiling light.

Design Focus: Storyline Cafe and Junsekino

Even the most popular neighborhood cafés have their downtimes when only a handful of customers are left hanging around, nursing their lattes for hours, and generally just soaking in the atmosphere.

Jun Sekino, founder and principal of Junsekino Architect and Design, understands this cycle, and proposed a design for a space that will serve more than a cup of Java. “Our concept was a coffee shop that serves coffee but also transforms into a the multi-purpose space. It is a meeting point where customers can relax while enjoying coffee, but it also has a purpose-built co-working space where customers can do productive work.”

Sekino’s brief from his client, who owns the space, was to set up a coffee shop within an existing office. “The owner wanted to turn a spacious meeting room and some parts of the building into the Storyline Café, a coffee shop with ‘eat, talk, and work’ concept in Bangkok, Thailand.Form-Latte-and-Beyond-Interior

The spaces earmarked for the project were once part of the office and occupied the first and part of the second floors. There was also an outdoor space that could be incorporated into the café.

On the first floor are the coffee bar, food counter, and dining area designed as open contiguous spaces. On the second floor are two sections—the co-working space and a private office.

The design of the façade was meant to preserve the building’s identity and charm by keeping much of its elements, including the old glass panels. To these, natural materials have been added to sustain the look and feel of the original structure. Plants have been incorporated around the bar to create a fresh feel inside, while wood panels extend the feeling of enveloping coziness.   Form-Latte-and-Beyond-Interior2

“During the day, Storyline Café is naturally lit, but at night artificial lighting transforms it into a quaint bar that is quite unlike the café,” Sekino explains. “Depending on their time of visit, customers can have a different experience within the very same place.” 

Story Credits

Text by Marc Almagro

Images by Spaceshift StudiO

This story first appeared in FORM Magazine.

Guide: International Furniture Fair Singapore ’16

This year represents a turning point for International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS), confirms Ernie Koh, chairman of IFFS Pte Ltd, and concurrent president of Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC), co-owner and manager of the event. “We are re-branding the show, beginning with the unveiling of our new logo to signify a host of major changes.”Singapore-Pavillion-IFFS

Along with the new logo, the trade event adopts a new tagline, “Design, Inspiration, and Trade’, as well as a new event colour as it opened this week at the Singapore EXPO. Ahead of the exhibition, the show’s new website was been launched to provide the public, particularly the trade, a glimpse of what to expect.

“Good designs stem from inspirational experiences, and a company with a winning product understandably receives positive attention,” Koh explains. “This, in turn, leads to higher chances of success from a business standpoint. The three elements in the tagline—design, inspiration, trade—share a synergistic relationship that ultimately promotes a thriving furniture industry. Here, IFFS plays the role as the connector that links ‘design, inspiration and trade’.” Ultimately, these changes indicate a direction that will take care of how the show will address the future.Elmy-Interiors-IFFS

The changes will be reflected in the physical layout of the show space. A piazza in the Design and International Brands Hall (Hall 4) will serve as hub for a range of activities celebrating design and innovation. In this area, creative product displays of furniture and accessories, focused on various parts of the house, will comprise inspirational settings.

All six halls dedicated to the show will feature innovative structural and interactive displays aimed at raising interactivity between exhibitors and visitors. One highlight in particular, the Gallery of Art Forms, will show how furniture products and accessories can be transformed into artworks.Osaka-Seikei-IFFS

Exhibitors offering garden and outdoor products will be located in a pavilion that is decked out as a ‘garden boulevard’. Vertical gardening and other methods of transforming indoor spaces into virtual gardens will be featured here. Adjoining the space is an alfresco lounge.

Networking and meetings will be accommodated in a series of business lounges themed according to partner countries. A program of design dialogues and business seminars will also boost the business aspect of the show.IFFS-Evergreen-Home-and-Garden-Accents

Finally, Design STARS, formerly known as Asian STAR, will comprise participants from across the globe and their works presented in a special sector.

“IFFS 2016 will present the industry with an all-new experience, one that is not just design-centric and inspirational, but that still builds upon its traditional role as the choice business platform that connects exhibitors with buyers from across the world,” Koh adds.India-Covers-IFFS

Story Credits

Text By Marc Almargo

Images By IFFS

This story was first published in FORM Magazine.

Maison & Objet 2016 Paris Gets Wild

After picking the theme “Precious” for the September 2015 edition of the Maison & Objet trade fair, the show’s Observatory, which sets the theme for each edition, has chosen a return to nature for the ongoing event with a “Wild” theme. Trendspotter at the Croisements agency, François Bernard was selected as scenographer to bring the theme to life in the show’s Inspirations Space. Key ideas channeled include the deep forest, urban wildness and the mystical aspect of nature.

This space will be extended through the “Wild Café-Bookstore,” designed by trendspotter Elizabeth Leriche and based around the event’s Inspirations Book plus other selected works and inspiring publications.


Young Scandinavian talent

Each year, Maison & Objet showcases the work of up-and-coming young designers through its “Talents à la carte” program. This year, the show has six budding Scandinavian designers presenting their work. Visitors will discover the swirly, colorful ceramics of Danish designer Troels Flensted (designer pictured above, work below), as well as stylish lights crafted by Icelandic designer Kjartan Oskarsson (who was invited to join the line-up at the last minute).


Designer of the Year: Eugeni Quitllet

Catalan designer Eugeni Quitllet (pictured below) has been named “Designer of the Year” for the January 2016 edition of Maison & Objet. Having previously worked with international design star Philippe Starck, Eugeni Quitllet now creates pieces for some of the biggest furniture-makers of the moment, including Kartell, Vondom and Alias. He will be presenting his work in a bespoke exhibition at the show. Check out the other Designers of the Year here.


Luxury showcase

The biggest names in the world of high-end interior design from around the world will be featured at this year’s event in a dedicated space in Halls 7 and 8, created by designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. Approximately 50 exhibitors will be present in the “Luxury” area, including Ralph Lauren, Christofle and Fendi.


And finally…

An exciting line-up of new objects will be presented at the show, including Alessi’s sleek fruit bowls, the “Tutti Frutti,” designed by Giulio Lacchetti (a fruit bowl with a central baton rising vertically from its center, pictured above), and the “Broken Bowl” designed by Maximilian Schmahl.

Work by the famous Italian designer Paola Navone won’t be featured at this year’s main event, but her new line of tableware – produced in partnership with Serax (pictured below from a catalog) – will be on show at the Merci design store in central Paris. This herring-shaped tableware, entitled “Herring Bar,” is inspired by the crockery made during the Great Depression in the USA, in particular the characteristic white and green color scheme.


Maison & Objet runs January 22-26 at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition center in Paris, France.

For more information visit the official site.

Twins Dish by Afterain Design Publish

By combining two plates together and featuring stylized Chinese characters, Twins Dish symbolizes abundant joyfulness and good luck. What makes it even better is the seal carving on the plate. The characters, created by Taiwanese master seal carver Ke Shih-An, make up two blessing words in Chinese: ping an (틱갛) and tuan yuan (團圓). Ping an (틱갛) is a blessing for safety and security, while tuan yuan (團圓) means the wishes for the reunion of friends and family. Each Twins Dish features one of these blessings, as seen here and there are variations on this design. While this is the series honored in the product design section of the Golden Pin Design Awards, Afterain Design Publish does make similar items, as seen here in the firm’s cichi project.

This story was originally published in Form magazine.

Rhythm of Lattice by Artilize

The Rhythm of Lattice tableware set takes its key inspiration from the patterns on windows and doors in classic Chinese gardens. Created by Artilize Worldwide of Taiwan, Rhythm of Lattice takes traditional forms and translates them into a uniquely cosmopolitan tableware set. The hybrid material the set is made of – a combination of traditional bone china, enamel, and metal – is novel, aesthetically pleasing, and strong. Aesthetically, Rhythm of Lattice offers a new visual experience: the pieces in the set can be experienced from the front, the side, and the bottom. For example, in a traditional gaiwan, the lid and vessel are the same size, and they seamlessly fit together. The gaiwan in the Rhythm of Lattice set breaks away from tradition: the vessel and its lid are accented by different shapes at their rims. Though the series is designed to work well together, practically, there are still many attractive and varied options for consumers that wish to purchase the parts of the set separately.

This story was originally published in Form magazine.

Tanssi Collection

Ittala debuts the Tanssi Collection

Ittala debuts Tanssi – translating as dance in Finnish – a new tableware collection clad in illustrations by Finnish artist Klaus Haapaniemi.

For this new tableware line, the London-based artist returned to his designs for the Finnish National Opera production of “The Cunning Little Vixen.”

The Czech opera by Leoš Janáček tells the story of a clever vixen pursued by a hunter. Deer, badgers, foxes and of course vixens, all dressed in sophisticated attire, adorn the items in the Tanssi collection.


Tanssi collection by Klaus Haapaniemi

Framed by elaborate Slavic-influenced motifs, the woodland creatures play music and dance, bringing the opera to life on the table.

TThe Tanssi line includes two plates, a bowl, a mug, a coffee cup and saucer, as well as a chair cushion cover, a storage tin and paper napkins.

Prices are available on request – More information: www.iittala.com

DON’T MISS: HERMÈS RALLYE 24 TABLEWARETanssi collection by Klaus Haapaniemi for Iittala

Noma tableware

Noma selling used forks and spoons from Tokyo pop-up

Noma tableware

Noma has opened an online store that will sell the Japanese-designed chopsticks, forks, bowls and plates used during its pop-up event in Tokyo.

Fans who couldn’t score a seat during the Danish restaurant’s five-week residency at the Mandarin Oriental this month can buy a piece of the experience from their newly opened online store.

In preparation for the temporary takeover of the hotel’s dining room, Noma chef René Redzepi commissioned 14 local Japanese artists, potters and chefs to create locally sourced tableware for his pop-up.

The result is a collection of artisanal and eye-wateringly pricey earthenware plates and bowls and organic lacquer forks and spoons.

A single pair of chopsticks is priced at $65 USD, while a single fork or spoon will set you back $200 USD.

The collection was co-curated by designer Sonya Park, also the creative director of design brand Arts & Science in Tokyo.

The pop-up event in Tokyo ends this week.

Missoni Home Tableware collection

Missoni Home launches luxury tableware

Missoni Home Tableware collection

After making a name for itself in fashion, textiles and furniture,  is making its first foray into tableware.

The new collection from the Italian design house includes a tea set, a coffee service set, individual bowls, serving bowls, flatware and placemats.

All of these new tableware items are available in four patterns: one with stripes and lotus flowers, another with a floral motif, a third with mushroom-like shapes and a fourth with Missoni’s signature zigzags.


Missoni Home Tableware

The tea and coffee service sets are produced in collaboration with Richard Ginori 1735, an Italian porcelain maker founded in the 18th century.

The brand is currently presenting the new collection to interior design professionals at Maison & Objet in Paris, which runs through January 27.

Missoni Home Tableware 2015

Rosita Missoni founded the Missoni fashion house 60 years ago with her husband Ottavio. In 1997, she passed on the fashion side of the business to her children in order to focus on the Missoni Home collections.

More information: www.missonihome.it

Bottega Veneta Home Collection 2014

Bottega Veneta Flatware

Bottega Veneta has offered a sneak preview of its latest Home Collection ahead of the official launch during Milan Design Week 2014.

The Italian studio will unveil its latest tableware accessories line, including its Sterling Silver Flatware cutlery featuring the brand’s geometric ‘intrecciato’ engraving and showcasing its new ‘brunito’ finish.

The brand’s Murano smoked wine glasses will be launching in a new color, while an entirely new lighting collection is also expected to go on display.

Discover the Bottega Veneta Home Collection, exclusively showcased during Bottega Veneta’s week-long presentation, open to the public from Wednesday, April 9th through Sunday, April 13th.

Bottega Veneta was founded in 1966 and has gone on to be one of the biggest names in the luxury industry, best known for its leather goods.

Bottega Veneta Glassware

Stella Artois Crystal Chalice

Stella Artois releases Swarovski Crystal Chalice

Sparkling wine may be a traditional holiday beverage in many cultures, but this season beer also gets some added sparkle, thanks to a collaboration between Swarovski and Stella Artois.

Stella Artois Crystal Chalice

Swarovski and the Belgian brewery have released the ‘Crystal Chalice’, a version of the traditional Stella Artois beer glass studded with gems, to mark the holiday season. Each chalice features a platinum rim and was hand-blown in Turkey before being sent to Austria to be studded with crystals.

The design retains the brand’s traditional curved shape, which helps to retain the drink’s aromas. A select number of the handwash-only glasses are available to buy at Fancy for a crystal cool $500.

Swarovski Chalice

The glass is the latest Swarovski collaboration on a festive beverage, following last month’s launch of mini crystal-studded bottles of Moet & Chandon sold in vending machines in Selfridges.

Hermes Rallye24 tableware

Hermès Rallye 24 tableware

Hermes Rallye 24 tableware

French fashion brand Hermès introduced its Rallye 24 collection of tableware last month in a Paris garage stocked with vintage sports cars.

Inspired by the world of motor racing, the new tableware re-imagines the classic chain d’ancre design as a race car track. The 49-piece collection of jewel-colored porcelain has a pattern of ellipses reminiscent of speedways.

The rich colors evoke old international racing liveries, like Italian red, French blue, German silver and British green. Rallye 24 reflects the sporting life, Hermès’s theme for 2013.

The dishes will be available in the United States by the end of March. Prices range from $130 for a tumbler to $640 for an oval platter. The set of six round plates shown here is $1,140.

Hermes Rallye24 tableware

Christian Lacroix Maison collection

New tableware line for Christian Lacroix Maison

assiette Christian Lacroix Maison

Sacha Walckhoff, creative director at Christian Lacroix Maison, has designed a collection of porcelain tableware that delivers graphic lines, trompe-l’oeil effects and butterfly motifs with a touch of fantasy.

This collection is built around four main themes: “Sol y Sombra” — with watercolor stripes, “Forum” — engraved with images of 19th century monuments in Arles, “Picassiette” — a Gaudi-style trompe-l’oeil mosaic of shattered plates and “Butterfly parade” — symbolizing real or imaginary butterflies in flight.

Each piece of this collection is threaded with intertwined gold and platinum.

Christian Lacroix Maison collection

Since 2010, Walckhoff has launched several collections including a range of textiles, wallpaper and accessories made by Designers Guild, wooden decorative panels created in collaboration with Marotte, a range of stationery produced by Libretto as well as a collection of scented candles for Welton London.

For this tableware collection, Christian Lacroix has collaborated with Vista Alegre, a Portuguese brand known for its high-end tableware, decorative objects and crystal.

Christian Lacroix Maison tableware

Versace Home Christmas 2010 Collection

Versace Home presents the Christmas 2010 collection which features elegant tableware and ornaments. Check out the collection below…

Delicate snowflakes, ruby-red berries and a rich gold finish adorn these elegant plates, cups and saucers, mugs, serving dishes, accessories and ornaments.

Start your collection with just one ornament or porcelain bell, or get the whole lot for a winter wonderland at your dinner table this season.
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