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Martell Cordon Bleu Intense Heat Cask Finish Debuts

Martell may be a 300-year-old cognac house but thanks to their innovative methods, the brand has managed to remain a major player in the world of cognacs. Earlier this month, the House of Martell unveiled a result of this innovation with the Martell Cordon Bleu Intense Heat Cask Finish whose name refers to the aging process of the Cordon Bleu.

Like other Cordon Bleu’s produced by the brand, the lovely amber-coloured concoction is created using a blend of over 100 extra old eau-de-vie. However, what sets the limited edition eaux-de-vie apart, are the casks used to transform the final product. Normally, Martell ages the eaux-de-vie in oak barrels that have been slightly burnt — which explains the hint of woodiness we have come to love.

For the Intense Heat Cask Finish, Martell completed the aging process with oak barrels that have been intensely burnt from the inside — better known as ‘chauffe crocodile’. What this method does, is bring out the sweet spice notes and intensifies aromas that can be enjoyed with each sip of the Martell Cordon Bleu Intense Heat Cask Finish.

Accompanying the hints of vanilla, wood, almond and mocha coffee that greet the palate, are notes of honey and candied fruits. The after taste that lingers, is a mild spice that balances out the sweetness that greets you in the beginning. The Martell Cordon Bleu Intense Heat Cask Finish is available for private purchase at $312, perfect for that special someone this holiday season.

5 Reasons to Visit Savour Gourmet 2016

We can almost hear you foodies rejoicing. From 12 – 15 May 2016, SAVOUR brings together a stellar line-up of local and guest overseas restaurants to Bayfront Avenue, Singapore for Savour Gourmet, the first of a three-part edition of distinctly-themed gastronomic events this year.

Savour_BuonaTerra_Gambero Rosso

Here’s five reasons why you should make this gourmet paradise a part of your itinerary this weekend:

1) Admission is free…

Because the good guys at Savour know how seriously Singaporeans take their food, they’ve made it free for public admission so there’s no harm dropping by, though you probably wouldn’t leave empty-handed. Before you rush off though, you won’t be sampling delights for free. Like a good club, there is no cover but the drinks are another matter…

2) Meet celebrity chefs while supporting local ones

You’ll recognize two famous face in the crowd: celebrity chef and MasterChef Canada judge Alvin Leung and his protégé Eric Chong, winner of the first MasterChef Canada. The “Devil Chef” of three Michelin starred restaurant Bo Innovation will serve his signature Molecular Xiao Long Bao, while Chong serves up delectable Asian-inspired dishes. Meanwhile, look out for local talents such as Ronald Li of Salt Tapas & Bar, Jonathan Li of Artichoke and Allen Tan of Saveur Art.


3) Jason’s Gourmet Market

Your Savour experience isn’t complete without a trip to the specialty market, where you’ll find Alaskan crabs, Iberico pork, Miyazaki wagyu and other fine cuts. You can also choose from a selection of over 200 cheeses, kick back with a glass of wine at the Jasons wine terrace and end the night with a very decadent Hokkaido lavender ice cream. There is also an oyster bar, to take you over the top in indulging your foodie inclinations.

4) Sample more than 30 stellar dishes

This is not your usual hawker fare – Look forward to exotic creations, such as the Foie-ffle (corn waffle topped with foie gras butter) by Artichoke, Labyrinth Chili Crab (tempura soft shell crab with chili ice cream) by Labyrinth and Twice Cooked Kurobuta Pork Belly with Cured Iberico Bellota Ham by CATO, amongst many others.


5) A Martell experience like no other

Explore the colliding worlds of Asian cuisine and cognac at L’Espace Martell, a casual setting where you can expect exquisite cocktails and tastings of the Martell Cordon Bleu. Chefs of participating restaurants will also create original dishes that best pair with the signature blend as part of the Martell Projects: Chef, a competition to discover Martell’s first young Ambassador Chef.


Participating restaurants:

Buona Terra, Salt Tapas & Bar, CATO, Saveur Art, Lower East Side, Gattopardo, Artichoke, Bar A Thym, Labyrinth, R&D.

The 2016 SAVOUR Calendar:

SAVOUR Gourmet: 12 – 15 May
SAVOUR Wines: 8 – 11 Sept
SAVOUR Christmas: 17 – 20 Nov

Visit Savour.sg for more details.


Cognac Bounces Back in 2015

After facing big drops in demand in recent years, cognac is once more on the rise, thanks in no small part to connoisseurs in North America. The AFP reports that consumers in Canada and the US have rediscovered a taste for fine spirits again in 2015, leading to the current recovery.

After a disastrous few years in which global sales of cognac fell 10 percent between 2013 and 2014, the latest figures from the Bureau National Interprofessional du Cognac (BNIC), show that 2015 saw the market rebound, with a 21 percent growth in sales over 2014.

Overall, cognac shipments reached nearly 168.9 million bottles in 2015, marking a 9 percent increase in volume, reaching sales of €2.6 billion in sales.

Global cognac sales plummeted following China’s austerity and anti-extravagance campaign, aimed at curbing extravagant spending and gifting among government and military ranks. The move also stamped out the steady growth of cognac in the economically burgeoning country.


But in 2015, North America emerged as an important market for the cognac industry, where demand grew 13 percent in volume and 39 percent in value. Current levels of consumption are even higher than the years when rappers Busta Rhymes and P.Diddy were passing the Courvoisier, Tupac was serenading Hennessy and Jay Z was drinking D’USSE out of his Grammy trophy.

Overall, shipments to the US reached their highest level yet, at 65.3 million bottles.

To fill the gap left by China, the world’s biggest cognac players – Hennessy, Remy Martin, Martell and Courvoisier – have turned their gaze westward over the last few years, mounting high-profile campaigns to attract a new market.

Last fall, Remy Martin tapped The Avengers star Jeremy Renner to front the brand in their “One Life/Live Them” campaign in the US, targeting affluent, male readers with spots on ESPN, TBS, Comedy Central and FX.

Martell enlisted actress and model Diane Kruger (seen above) as brand ambassador, to help the brand gain more attention from US fans last year.

And Hennessy took the brand on the road last year throwing lavish, glitzy parties around the world with a stop that included New York to mark their 250th anniversary.

After a drought in Asia, sales also bounced back in 2015, recording a growth of 8 percent in volume and value, for a total of 50.6 million bottles. Growth in Europe, however, was modest, at 0.6 percent.

Martell 300th Anniversary

Martell Pop-Up Space & Cordon Bleu Limited Edition

In celebration of the House’s tricentenary, Cellar Master Benoît Fil has crafted a unique version of the legendary cognac Martell Cordon Bleu. The reinterpretation of the exquisite blend pays tribute to the House’s history and Edouard Martell’s legendary creation, by using 300 year-old oak barrels to rest the liquid, and through the beautiful, original packaging it is presented in.

Martell 300th Anniversary

At the Martell 300th Anniversary pop-up space, located at the airport’s North-side Departure East Hall of Terminal 1, travellers can savour complimentary tastings of Martell Cordon Bleu accompanied by French foie gras – an ideal culinary partner and evocative of France’s rich gastronomic history.

Martell Cordon Bleu Anniversary

Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the craftsmanship and history of Martell’s distinctly French Heritage, with Dame-Jeanne large glass jars designed to store old eau-de-vie and historic cognac bottles on display. A photo experience provides accessories and scenery that whisk guests away to a sophisticated Martell French living room overlooking the abundant vineyards of Cognac.

Martell 300th Anniversary Hong Kong airport

To make the travel journey more memorable and rewarding, visiting guests who register at www.martell300.com will be entitled to the Martell VIP Pass. Privileges with the Martell VIP Pass include a tasting of the exclusive Martell Chanteloup Perspective and a complimentary exclusive gift from Martell.

Cordon Bleu 300th Anniversary

Diane Kruger Martell

Diane Kruger is the new face of Martell Cognac

Diane Kruger Martell

To mark its 300th anniversary, Martell has chosen the German-born film star who honed her skills in France as its latest ambassador.

Kruger will be helping the company to celebrate its tricentenaire via a host of high-profile campaigns and promotions, the most important of which, the Martell France 300 aims to identify 300 individuals whose work in gastronomy, art, fashion and entertainment epitomize the contemporary interpretation of the French Art de Vivre.

Diane Kruger Palace of Versailles


The full list of the 300 ones to watch will be announced in June.

Diane Kruger Versailles

Martell 300th Anniversary Pop-up Space

Martell launches “Premier Voyage” in Hong Kong

Martell 300th Anniversary Pop-up Space

The House of  has launched a pop-up space at Hong Kong International Airport (T1) in celebration of its 300th anniversary.

From now until end February 2015, the Cognac house is offering discerning travellers a multi-sensory introduction to the French ‘Art de Vivre’ through the arts of craftsmanship, gastronomy and tasting.

Martell Pop-up Space at HKIA

Martell came into being in a golden era of French history towards the end of the reign of Louis XIV, a period which saw the blossoming of French literature, arts, crafts, philosophy and gastronomy.

Martell Pop-up Space

The pop-up space celebrates this rich heritage with tastings of the refined Martell Chanteloup cognac combined with delicious foie gras, personalised Chinese calligraphy and cognac-sprayed wooden olfactory mementos.

cognac-sprayed wooden olfactory mementos

At the heart of the display, which features evocative items such as vintage-style demi-johns, ‘montres’ bottles, books and other authentic items from the Martell archives, sits the Martell Premier Voyage.

This precious gem is made from 18 eaux-de-vie ranging from 1977 to 1868 aged in 300-year-old oak casks and enclosed in its own specially-commissioned artwork French artist, Bernar Venet.

 Martell Premier Voyage

Two other very rare 300th anniversary limited-edition Cognacs are also available for purchase: the Martell XO 300th Anniversary Limited Edition (70cl) and the Martell XO 300th Anniversary Limited Edition (70cl & 10cl).

Martell XO 300th Anniversary Limited Edition

Tastings of Martell Chanteloup will take place between 10am and 7pm, while pairings with Rougie’s Foie Gras will be available from 11.30am to 1.30pm and 6pm to 8pm.

Foie Gras tasting

Renowned calligrapher Cathy Ho will also be on hand in the afternoon to create personalised bags and bookmarks for customers as a keepsake.

calligrapher Cathy Ho

A perfume workshop will offer travellers a wooden stick sprayed with Martell Cognac as another souvenir.

Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary Jewel Edition

Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary Ultimate Jewel Edition

Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary Jewel Edition

To celebrate Martell Cordon Bleu’s one hundredth anniversary, the House of Martell turned to the House of Boucheron, one of the greatest and oldest of Parisian jewellery houses, to make a one-off piece of the iconic cognac bottle.

The Ultimate Jewel captures both houses’ passion for transforming the finest and rarest of raw materials into either exquisite blends or timeless jewellery.

The original piece will be auctioned in China at the end of the year to mark the culmination of Martell Cordon Bleu’s centenary celebration.
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Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary Monaco 2012

Martell cordon bleu centenary celebrations in Monaco

Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary Monaco 2012

Martell Cordon Bleu cognac was officially launched in 1912 in Monte-Carlo’s sumptuous Hôtel de Paris, and it has chosen to return to the famous hotel on 22 March 2012 for an unforgettable evening.

As night fell, the Place du Casino was gradually illuminated in blue, as if a silk veil were being drawn over the façade of the buildings.

More than 250 illustrious guests from the five continents were welcomed by Lionel Breton, CEO of Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët.
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Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary

Martell Cordon Bleu Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary

Celebrating 100 years of renowned high-quality cognac making, Martell Cognac has launched a limited edition Cordon Bleu Centenary.

The Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary edition features the centenary’s visual code, the infinity sign, which also represents the figure 100.

The Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary cognac is also available as a special edition, presented in a wooden giftcase with silver trims and a magnetite opening system.
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martell luxury trunk

The Martell Trunk by Pinel & Pinel

martell luxury trunk

The House of Martell has launched The Martell Trunk made in collaboration with Pinel & Pinel, the renowned French luxury malletier.

This journey of the senses takes place against the gently lit backdrop of the leatherlined compartments and drawers, offering the Martell Collection such as Cordon Bleu, XO, or L’Or de Jean Martell.

Furthermore, Martell has endowed this trunk with twenty-eight montres that contain the most unique and exclusive blends.
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Martell Trunk photo

The Martell Trunk by Pinel & Pinel – Preview

Martell Trunk photo

The House of Martell, the oldest of the great cognac houses, presents the most exceptional object ever created in the world of cognac, a unique trunk made in collaboration with Pinel & Pinel, the renowned French luxury malletier.

A mobile trunk-case which is the largest ever produced: an impressive 2,06 meters high, 2,20 meters wide and 0.70 meters deep.

After the design phase, ten craftsmen have built, assembled, fashioned and fitted this trunk for a total of almost a thousand man-hours.
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Cohiba Cognac

Cohiba Cognac from Martell

Cohiba Cognac

Martell Cognac has launched Cohiba Cognac, in partnership with Habanos cigars. Cohiba Cognac sits at the super-premium end of the Cognac category.

Specially crafted for and in collaboration with the famed Cuban tobacco company, the Martell Cohiba cognac has been aged from 40 to 50 years before being bottled at 43% alcohol by volume.

Presented in a premium and innovative gift box, its bottle shape and specially designed label reflects its Cuban inspiration as well as its Cognac origins.
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Martell Lamp Jean Nouvel

The Martell Amber Lamp by Jean Nouvel

Martell Lamp Jean Nouvel

Martell, the oldest of the great Cognac houses, has collaborated with iconic French architect Jean Nouvel on a new project.

“The Martell Amber Lamp by Jean Nouvel” is a stunning object of design which will be produced in limited edition.

Nouvel was inspired by the warm colors and reflections in Martell cognac and by the way the light radiates throughout the bottle.
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Martell Cognac partners Château de Versailles

Versailles represents the exquisite perfection that artists and master craftsmen can achieve, and the Palace plays a leading role in promoting French culture and art around the world.

Versailles and Martell, the French Cognac house founded in 1715, share the same vision of luxury, the French “art of living”, and the finest gastronomy.

It is in this spirit that Martell decided to support the restoration to its former splendour of the famous Queen’s Antechamber at Versailles.
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Martell unveils first Cognac Experience Boutique

Pernod Ricard has opened the first Martell Experience Boutique at Hong Kong International airport (HKIA) terminal one’s arrivals area.

The Martell Experience Boutique is one of only two places in the world to obtain a bottle of L’Or de Jean Martell, according to Jean-Etienne Gourgues.

Customers who buy a bottle of L’Or de Jean Martell is entitled to a personal engraving on the decanter with the recipient name or message of their choice.

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L’Or de Jean Martell cognac

Made by the renowned house of Martell Cognac, the L’Or de Jean Martell cognac embodies the true essence and creativity of the Martell style.

It’s an upshot of meticulous care and creation of many successive generations of Martell cellar masters.

The L’Or de Jean Martell is a double distillation of the finest eau-de-vie and a classy combination of the four finest growths, Grand Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois and Borderies.
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