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Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Autumn 2005

Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Edition Automne 2005

You can never say no to a glass of champagne by Perrier Jouet, especially when it is the limited edition Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Edition Automne 2005. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of this vintage before because the exclusive cuvée was just recently unveiled, just in time to usher in the season of fall that also serves as the inspiration behind the champagne.

This is hardly the first time that the brand has used nature as an inspiration, which is unsurprising given that champagne is, you know, a product of nature. The new cuvée, which we’ve been teasing since the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS previews, is a follow up to the Belle Epoque Edition 2007 that was released for spring.

The man behind the champagne, Chef de Caves of Perrier-Jouët, Hervé Deschamps was so mesmerized by fall that he crafted a creation that reflects the season’s shades perfectly. It also happens that autumn 2005 played a vital role in the final flavor of the Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Edition Automne 2005. The pink tone of the champagne is something that captures your attention in an instant but when you experience it, the sharp bite of the after-taste might just be the most memorable element.

“The richness of the 2005 vintage inspired me to create this cuvée in tribute to autumn’s allure and vitality as a way of savoring the beauty of an ephemeral season” said Hervé Deschamps. Blending Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier the champagne offers notes of various berries, orange, sour cherry, spice and cream on the nose.

Reflecting the season that has inspired the special cuvée, Perrier-Jouët presents the champagne in a bottle that features a swirl of pink anemones. Designed by Emile Gallé in 1902, the flowers featured on the bottle are a link to the brand’s love of Japan. The result of this affection for Japanese autumn, is the presentation of “A Haiku for Every Season” by Perrier-Jouët.

Visit us and Perrier-Jouët at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS from today to Sunday for your own taste of the Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Edition Automne 2005.

Takashi Murakami, NEXT5 Limited Edition Sake

The Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has collaborated with Akita-based brewers NEXT5 to create a new sake with limited-edition packaging by the artist: “Takashi Murakami×NEXT5”. Murakami did not only work on the packaging, as such collaboration usually go, but also had a hand in the recipe for the sake.

Murakami, one of the world’s top-selling contemporary artistshas produced an original pure Junmai Daiginjo sake with the help of five long-established brewers from the Akita region of Japan. The NEXT5 brewing unit is comprised of Tadahiko Kobayashi (Akita brewery), Yusuke Sato, (Aramasa Brewery), Koei Watanabe (Fukurokuju Brewery), Tomofumi Yamamoto (Yamamoto Brewery) and Naoaki Kuribayashi (Kuribayashi Brewery).

Back to the roots of sake

The new recipe by the artist and brewers is created using the traditional kimoto-zukuri brewing method, where kimoto yeast is used to make the sake by placing it in a bag with rice and water, massaging a few times a day and letting the yeast enzymes slowly dissolve the rice to produce the alcohol. This technique dates back to the earliest years of the Edo period (between 1603 and 1868) before the Meiji Restoration. Murakami explains that the idea was to go back to the roots of the drink: “If we go far back enough into the history of sake, we find culture coming from China. We want to grasp this thread and weave it into a fresh form.”

Exclusive bottle designs

As well as helping with the creation of the sake, the artist Murakami has designed four unique bottles: one glass and three ceramic. The designs feature typical Murakami patterns of his signature smiling flower motif. Two of the ceramic bottles, the gold and white editions, are embossed, with the gold bottle signed by the artist himself.

Glass bottles retail for 5,000-3,500 yen, while the ceramic formats vary from 35,000 yen (blue on white motifs) to 170,000 yen (gold relief). The signed edition is noteworthy for the difference in price between it and all the other versions. At close to $1,000, this is one demanding bottle of sake!

“Takashi Murakami×NEXT5” sake can be purchased at Marakami’s bar, Zingaro (Nakano) and at select stores.

Guerlain and JonOne Create Perfume Art

Fragrances and cosmetics are the fast moving goods of the luxury world so this move from Guerlain is on the unusual side. The French luxury perfume and cosmetics house has joined forces with a famous American street artist for a one-off collection, combining olfactory and sensory expertise with art. The fruit of this rare partnership goes on sale on January 4 so you won’t have to wait long for it.

Such partnerships are not beyond the pale of course, as Bulgari and others have demonstrated, but in that example in particular, Bulgari was using its jewelry heritage to make a statement in fragrances. Clearly, Guerlain has no need for such tactics and does not have the same resources anyway. Honestly, such collaborations are far more commonplace in the drinks business, where Martell, Johnnie Walker and The Macallan all have such special projects. Like those special projects, this one will have a very special price: US$9,900 per bottle, approximately.

This odd pairing between the New York artist and the French perfume house at the Guerlain Exclusive Collections creative laboratory has resulted in three limited edition bottles, which will hit the shelves in January 2016. Each one is a reinterpretation of the iconic bee-patterned bottle, designed by Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain in 1853 as part of a special order for the marriage of Eugénie de Montijo and Napoleon III.

The one liter bottle was entrusted to JonOne as a blank canvas, to allow him to express himself freely with his “colored language.” The result is an explosion of colors in three different shades: blue for “Shalimar, Extract”, pink for “La Petite Robe Noire, Extract” and orange for “Rose Barbare, Eau de Parfum”.

All the bottles were created at the JonOne workshop in Paris. They were reworked and signed one by one by the artist, making each bottle unique. These “bee bottles” also retain the Guerlain touch in the form of a satin ribbon which sits on the neck.

As part of this exclusive partnership, Guerlain will hold an exhibition of JonOne’s work in its legendary store on the Champs-Elysées in Paris from January 4 to February 28, 2016.

This is not the first collaboration between the street artist and the fashion and beauty world, as he recently teamed up with the Lacoste brand to create a capsule clothing collection.

The Guerlain x JonOne collection will go on sale on January 4. Each “bee bottle” will be numbered and signed: 34 units for “Shalimar” and 32 units for “La Petite Robe Noire” and “Rose Barbare”. Price: €9,000.

evian alexander wang bottles

Evian x Alexander Wang water bottle

evian alexander wang bottles

Fashion designer Alexander Wang has collaborated with Evian to design the French mineral water company’s latest bottle.

This is the ninth time Evian has collaborated with the fashion world to create a new design for its water bottles.

Wang’s design features one black and one white bottle, with a bar code print and reproducing a design he often uses in his clothing.

The designer has collaborated with other household brands, such as H&M, in the past but this is his first time designing for a beverage company.

The Wang/Evian bottles come in two formats and will be presented at Wang’s spring fashion show. The bottles will be distributed in hotels, restaurants and shops beginning this month.

johhnie walker thinfilm

Johnnie Walker to debut ‘smart bottle’

johhnie walker thinfilm

 has developed a connected smart bottle capable of delivering personalized messages – like promotional offers – to consumers with the use of printed sensor tags and NFC technology.

The smart bottle taps into Near Field Communication-enabled smartphones to bring an additional layer of security to products.

The technology will also be used as an additional marketing strategy.


Consumers who read the printed sensor tags that come affixed to the bottles with their smartphones will receive targeted messages that could include exclusive offers, cocktail recipes and added content.

Developed by Thin Film Electronics in Norway, OpenSense sensor tags can also detect if a bottle is sealed or has been tampered with by the tap of their smartphone.

Thin Film Electronics claims that unlike static QR codes that are easy to copy and often difficult to read, OpenSense tags are permanently encoded at the point of manufacture and cannot be copied or electronically modified.

The Johnnie Walker prototype bottle will be on display at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which takes place March 2-5.

johnnie walker thinfilm vertical

Dom Perignon thumb

Dom Perignon x Iris Van Herpen

Dom Perignon - Metamorphosis

 announces a new creative collaboration with the renowned fashion designer Iris van Herpen: “Dom Pérignon Metamorphosis by Iris van Herpen”. The Power of Creation meets the fashion universe.

With its latest Limited Edition, the champagne house marks the end of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 in its First Plénitude and celebrates its transformation into P2, or the Second Plénitude of Dom Pérignon.

A highlight of the end-of-year season, the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 is playfully interpreted by the audacious creator van Herpen (pictured below).

Iris Van Herpen

Inflected with green in all its vibrant exuberance, the Limited Edition gift box illustrates the organic, seismic power that is generated within the wine in the process of its transformation.

Iris van Herpen also designed a über-premium creation (pictured below), inspired by the importance of time in crafting Dom Pérignon.


A bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 lays in the dark green structure, taking its place as if it has been growing there for centuries while projecting itself into the future and its next transformation.

Metamorphosis, by definition, is a change in form. An evolution. A transition from one stage to the next.

Throughout its history, the champagne Dom Pérignon has been intricately linked to the concept of metamorphosis: the spiritual legacy of Dom Pérignon constantly reinvents itself throughout the ages, selectively choosing when to emerge in the form of a new vintage.

Dom Perignon Metamorphosis Limited Edition

The metamorphosis by Iris van Herpen is surprisingly alive, an act of energy!

More info: www.domperignon.com

Curious? Stay tuned on Dom Perignon’s Instagram and Facebook page and see the metamorphosis of the Dom Pérignon universe!

Remy Martin Excellence Cannes 2014

Rémy Martin XO Excellence for Cannes Film Festival

Remy Martin Excellence Cannes 2014

An official supplier of the Cannes Film Festival, Rémy Martin is pulling out all the stops for the event this year. For the first time, Rémy Martin is launching a special edition of its XO Excellence cognac honoring the cinematic arts.

One of ‘s most prestigious cognacs, XO Excellence is an aromatic combination of floral, fruit and spice notes.

Just as sumptuous as the cognac itself, the decanter for this special edition has a gold coating from its base to its stopper. And, in homage to the , the cognac maker has decorated the neck and label with a subtle black and gold motif echoing a strip of film.

The special edition comes in a gold and black gift box in which the decanter sits atop a red carpet pedestal.

Rémy Martin, one of the world’s most respected cognac brands, transforms grapes from the Grande and Fine Champagne zones into delicate spirits that are prized by aficionados around the world, and particularly in China.

Remy Martin Excellence Cannes 2014

This special, ultra-limited edition will be available only at a handful of high-end wine retailers from the first week of May. Price: from €200 (around $280).

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cityscape series

Special editions and festively packaged spirits

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cityscape series

Whisky, cognac, vodka, rum… Whether sipped in cocktails before a meal or straight up after dessert, spirits are an essential holiday tradition in many a family. These 10 holiday editions are sure to add a bit of extra flair to the yuletide table.

Truffle and Vodka by Belvedere

Belvedere Unfiltered vodka,

This year, Belvedere’s holiday gift set honors the rare and precious truffle, whose intense taste provides a sublime accompaniment to vodka.

A bottle of Belvedere Unfiltered is nestled in a birch box alongside a 25g truffle and a special knife, providing everything you need for an unforgettable tasting experience.

Price: €200 (around $275) – Available at La Grande Épicerie, Lafayette Gourmet, Lavinia and Hédiard

The Nikka Box

Nikka Box

The whisky distillery is offering a highly original gift set this holiday season. The black cube-shaped box sits atop a lacquered wood base, which becomes a service tray when removed.

The top part of the box unfolds to become a mini-bar, containing six of the distillery’s finest whiskies. A limited edition of just 500 Nikka Boxes are available, for sale in Europe only.

Price: €595 (around $815) – Available at the Maison du Whisky and select wine shops

Ballantine’s 12 years by Front

Servingware by Front for Ballantines

Ballantine’s enlisted the help of Front, a collective of three Swedish product designers, to create unique and innovative servingware for its holiday gift set.

To accompany the 12-year aged whisky, the three designers created an intriguing ensemble of copper, glass and oak to ensure a festive and interesting tasting session.

Price: €375 (around $515) – Available in a limited edition at select stores.

J&B Tattoo Colors: Sébastien Mathieu edition

JB bottle by  Sebastien Mathieu

The classic J&B bottle has been wrapped in a skin-like silicone cover and tattooed for the “Tattoo Colors” limited edition, first launched earlier this year.

This December, a special limited edition will be available at the Publicis Drugstore on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, featuring a tattoo design from well-known tattoo artist Sébastien Mathieu.

A graduate of the prestigious Beaux-Arts school, Mathieu is the co-founder of Sphinx, a popular Parisian tattoo parlor.

Price: €150 (around $205)  – Available at the Publicis Drugstore in Paris from December 1

A bottle of 40-year old cognac from Delamain

Delamain Cognac 1973

This year, the prestigious cognac distiller is offering an exceptional bottle, aged since 1963 and made from grapes from the finest growth region (or cru), Grande Champagne.

Price: €650 (around $890) – Available directly from Cognac Delamain

A handmade sculpture for Grey Goose vodka

Sculpture for Grey Goose vodka

For this ultra-limited edition, a bottle of Grey Goose vodka goes inside a true work of art. A total of 250 hours of work went into creating this oval-shaped metal sculpture, which features interlacing lines and a wheat motif, a nod to the vodka’s main ingredient.

Price: €450 (around $615) – Available at select high-end wine shops

Grand Marnier honors its Parisian heritage

Grand Marnier homage to Paris

This holiday season, Grand Marnier is paying tribute to its birthplace on the Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. The label is shaped just like the famous street signs of the French capital, and the bottle itself is decorated with a sketch of the city’s skyline.

Price: €19 (around $25) – Available in a limited edition in select stores

A limited edition carafe for Bombay Sapphire

Carafe for Bombay Sapphires

To celebrate the opening of its new distillery at Laverstoke Mill in 2014, Bombay Sapphire has produced a limited edition carafe honoring the site.

In the brand’s signature blue, the distinguished and refined carafe would make a lovely addition to a holiday table.

Price: €115 (around $160) – Available from November 1 in select stores

Zacapa XO rum in a miniature barrel

Zacapa XO gift set

The Guatemalan rum, aged at 2,300 meters above sea level, is available for the holidays in an original gift set. A case resembling the barrels used to age the rum opens up to reveal a bottle of Zacapa XO and two tasting glasses.

Price: €120 (around $165) – Available at select wine shops

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cityscape series

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cityscape series

This very luxurious edition allows whisky aficionados who are also jetset travelers to collect their favorite beverage on their journeys. Designed by Innovation Kitchen and featuring drawings by Michael Ng, editions for Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Auckland and Singapore feature the skylines of each city and are only available in the city in question.

Price: $399 – Available in limited numbers only in the city inspiring the design

Dom Pérignon x Jeff Koons

DomPerignon Jeff Koons

Dom Pérignon has struck a collaboration with contemporary American artist Jeff Koons to help the champagne house launch its Rosé Vintage 2003.

Adapted from his existing life-sized version of “The Balloon Venus,” Koons created smaller replicas of the metallic magenta art pieces to house bottles of the pink bubbly and designed the labels. Bespoke Balloon Venus replicas are made-to-order and will be available for one year.


On September 10, a limited-edition signed gift set will launch and offer two vintages: Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004, and the Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2003.

The Balloon Venus jeff Koons

The 2003 rosé, meanwhile, is being launched with much fanfare and described in sweeping terms for having been the earliest harvest since 1822 and for having survived extreme weather conditions including severe spring frost and an unparalleled heat wave.

The result is a rosé that bursts with the aromas of ripe fruit, figs, and strawberries on the nose, before unfolding into hints of guava, violet and vanilla as the wine breathes and grows, says Dom Pérignon.

Last year, Perrier-Jouet commissioned Japanese artist Makoto Azuma to reinvent the brand’s signature floral motif for its Belle Epoque Florale Edition 2004 —  the first time the motif has been tinkered with since it was first created by Emile Gallé in 1902.

Dom Pérignon also tapped David Lynch to design the bottles for a 2003 vintage champagne, while Japanese duo Erotyka also created an origami-style foldable champagne bucket for Veuve Clicquot.

Dom Perignon Jeff Koons

Warhol Perrier

Perrier releases Andy Warhol-inspired bottles

Perrier Warhol

As part of its 150th anniversary this year, Perrier is releasing limited-edition bottles inspired by pop artist Andy Warhol, who produced a series of works featuring the sparkling water brand in the 1980s.

Perrier bottles are emblazoned with four different label designs based on screen prints Warhol created in 1983 as part of the Pop Art movement and his fascination with everyday consumer products.

Fans can also choose from bottles bearing some of his famous quotes including “Art is what you can get away with,” and “In the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minute.”

Perrier is also offering consumers a chance to win an original Andy Warhol screen print art piece, ‘Space Fruit: Lemons’, in its ‘Take Home a Warhol’ sweepstakes.

After debuting across France earlier this year, the Andy Warhol Perrier bottles hit US shelves June 24.

Perrier has also collaborated with burlesque pin-up Dita Von Teese and clothing brand Paul & Joe.

Perrier Andy Warhol bottles

San Pellegrino limited edition Luciano Pavarotti bottle

S. Pellegrino Luciano Pavarotti

San Pellegrino has partnered with the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation to create a limited edition Pavarotti sparkling mineral water as a tribute to the unforgettable Maestro.

A total of 50 million bottles will be produced, and the same tribute to the Italian maestro will be paid by Acqua Panna, the still mineral water sister of S.Pellegrino with its own Special Edition bottle.

The exclusive bottle will be available in fine dining restaurants throughout the US from late April and while supplies last. Previously San Pellegrino launched collaborations with Missoni and Bulgari.

San Pellegrino Luciano Pavarotti


ABSOLUT Launches 4 Million Unique Bottles


In the coming weeks, Absolut Vodka will begin distributing nearly 4 million bottles across the globe. And every one of them will be different.

Using a mix of 38 different colors and 51 pattern types, applied through splash guns and color-generating machines, all bottles come out different from each other.
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Chivas Regal by Tim Little

Chivas Regal by Tim Little

Chivas Regal by Tim Little

Celebrating heritage, modern craftsmanship and style, the Chivas Regal 12 Year Old ‘Made for Gentlemen’ limited edition by Tim Little is the brand’s new collaboration.

The Chivas 12 ‘Made for Gentlemen’ collectible tin by British designer Tim Little – Creative Director and Owner of iconic British luxury shoe label Grenson, features a slick deconstruction of the classic wardrobe staple, the hand crafted brogue.
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