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BMW Unveils ‘Smart’ Mobility App

BMW Connected is the new app released by the company that aims to be a driver’s ‘personal mobility companion’. It was unveiled at Microsoft Build and will be initially available for North American BMW drivers with an iPhone as a free download. The app was developed on the Azure cloud platform and provides users with a host of remote vehicle-related functions.

These functions include being able to check on a car’s location and fuel levels or to turn on the air conditioning, unlock the doors and, in the case of hybrid models, the state of battery charge. Also included is the ability to reserve a parking space, find a fuel station or charging point or an authorized mechanic. Yet, in order to differentiate itself from similar features available in other luxury cars, the app is a ‘smart’ app that is capable of ‘learning’ and picking up driver’s preferences or habits, and adjust to such mobility needs accordingly. One of the app’s smartest features is the ability to support or host the best functions of a user’s favorite third-party navigation or driving app so that everything is in one digital place — either on a smartphone or smartwatch and then seamlessly transferred to the car’s infotainment screen when it’s time to go.

It can also offer predictive navigation based on a user’s calendar, frequently traveled routes and live traffic flow data. It will alert the user when it’s time to leave, based on congestion. It will also calculate the ‘last mile’ portion of a journey — i.e., the route on foot once the car is parked. It will even give friends and family updates regarding estimated time of arrival.

The ‘smartness’ of the app was one of the reasons why it was presented at Microsoft’s developer conference rather than an auto show. With this, BMW may be able to break through the competition and place itself far ahead on the curve technologically, but it also spells a great advancement for the possible future of automobile tech in general.

Lux iPhone 6S

Lux iPhone 6S by Brikk available for pre-order

Lux iPhone 6S

The Lux iPhone 6S is available in gold and platinum with a Diamonds Omni option.

Based in Los Angeles, Brikk produces couture products and accessories for the Lifestyle and Technology industries. With the launch of the iPhone 6 on the horizon (September), Brikk has produced a variety of luxury options, including 24-carat yellow gold, 18k pink gold and 950 platinum. These standard plated models are retailed for around $7,995.

The Diamond Ovni option involves diamonds set with a microscope in a custom machined bezel in the shape of Brikk’s logo. They are priced up to $199,995. These models are packaged in a customized Zero Halliburton case with a dimaond-embedded certificate of authenticity.

The Lux iPhone 6S is now available for pre-order on the Brikk website.

samsung ultimate test drive

Samsung offers iPhone users a free, 30-day trial

samsung ultimate test drive

In an effort to convert users from its bigget competition, Apple, Samsung is offering US iPhone users a free 30-day trial of its latest smartphones.

Current Apple customers will be able to try either the curved display-rocking Galaxy S6 Edge+ or the large-sized Galaxy Note 5.

The offer does not rest upon any particular carriers and there are no obligations. Phones come with an activated SIM card in addition to instructions for use and how to benefit to the max from what Samsung is calling “The Ultimate Test Drive.”

iphone 6

iPhone 6S tipped for September 9 launch

iphone 6

Apple is expected to host its next iPhone launch on Sept 9, so what can we expect when Tim Cook takes to the stage to unveil the new device?

BuzzFeed’s John Paczkowski, who correctly called the date for last year’s event, claims that according to his sources, Apple will again host its Autumn iPhone 6S launch on September 9.

The ‘S’ suffix usually means more speed and the iPhone 6S and phablet counterpart, the iPhone 6 Plus S, will be getting a processor bump. However, sources believe that the updated devices will also feature Apple’s new ‘Force Touch’ technology.

Unveiled in March in the trackpads of its new MacBooks, Force Touch can respond differently to different types to pressure, so the weight of a tap or a swipe could conceivably activate specific features or open specific apps, for examples. It also offers haptic feedback: if you press, it presses back so that you know you’ve made contact, something that could add another level of immersion to mobile gaming, for instance.

The latest ComScore data, published on August 7, shows that in the US, Apple is increasing its share among US smartphone owners and iPhone sales are currently responsible for 44.1% of the market. Samsung is in second place with a 28.1% piece of the pie.

Data from Kantar world panel also published this month shows that in Europe too, Apple is building its share in each of the biggest markets — i.e. the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain — and that much of this increased popularity is down to screen size, but that quality is still key when it comes to a premium device purchase.

“The size of the screen was the main purchase driver for Android buyers across all of Europe’s big five countries. Although screen size has grown in importance as a purchase driver since the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6+, iOS buyers are generally driven by a wider list of factors, such as phone reliability and durability, as well as the quality of the materials,” said Dominic Sunnebo, business unit director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech Europe.

Apple’s growing popularity with those who crave a larger screen is why Samsung has decided to break with its own traditions and launch its next phablet, the Galaxy Note 5, at a special event in August, rather than waiting until the International IFA in September. It wants its device on sale before Apple has a chance to announce its next iPhone.

Alongside the new phones, Apple is also expected to finally unveil its next-generation Apple TV set-top box, which will have a stronger focus on apps and gaming and will come with a completely reimagined remote control.

iPhone pink

iPhone 6S could be pressure-sensitive… and pink

iPhone pink

The iPhone 6S may feature the same pressure-sensitive technology found on the newest MacBook and Apple Watch and come in a new color: pink.

That’s according to a story published by The WSJ which predicts that the Force Touch technology — a feature on the upcoming MacBook’s touch pad which responds to different levels of pressure — will be the headline feature for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

On the iPhone, that could mean pressing harder to capitalize a letter instead of having to use the toggle, notes Mashable.

The story also reports that the new phones will also be available in pink.

A source familiar with Apple’s plans told Apple Insider that the Cupertino giant will release the iPhone 6S, and perhaps the iPhone 6S Plus with bigger screen and with Apple SIM (universal SIM card) pre-installed.

The devices are expected to come packed with 2GB RAM.

iPhone 6 Diamond Ecstasy

This iPhone 6 costs a whopping $3.5 million

 iPhone 6 Diamond Ecstasy

Goldgenie, which specializes in high-end customizations of high-tech products, is launching the 24K Gold iPhone 6 Diamond Ecstasy limited edition just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The exclusive phone costs between £10,000 and £2.3 million ($15,300 and $3.5 million) depending on the number of diamonds in the case.

The Diamond Ecstasy collection includes versions of the iPhone 6 covered in 24ct yellow gold, rose gold or platinum, all set with diamonds, of course.


Each model is made to order and priced according to the quantity of diamonds desired. Gift givers can opt to have a personal message laser-engraved on the back of the case.

Goldgenie is not the only company offering a luxury edition of Apple’s latest smartphone ahead of Valentine’s Day. Alexander Amosu has presented an exclusive pink iPhone 6, which was produced in a limited edition of just 10 devices priced at £1,899 each (around $2,850).

pink iPhone 6

Amosu launches pink iPhone for Valentine’s Day

pink iPhone 6

‘s luxury accessories brand is touting the world’s first pink iPhone 6, produced in a very limited edition of 10 units just in time for Valentine’s Day. The smartphone costs £1,899 (around $2,850).

For this special edition, rather than decking out Apple’s latest smartphone in diamonds and gold, Amosu simply chose to update the case with a new and exclusive color.


Of course, those who prefer a little more bling can always opt for the rose gold version, which is available for £2,499 (around $3,750).

Amosu Couture also offers a pink iPhone 5. Just as romantic as the more up-to-date version, this model will only set you back £1,499 ($2,250).

Goldgenie launches year of the goat iPhone


To help celebrate the Chinese New Year in style, Goldgenie is making a limited edition gold-plated iPhone 6 complete with laser-engraved graphics and a cherry oak display case.

Goldgenie plans to make 99 examples of the customized handset, each of which will be stamped with a number indicating its place in the series.

As well as a 24K gold coating, each phone’s rear panel will be laser engraved with a specially designed Chinese goat symbol. Clients will be able to specify the iPhone 6 with up to 128GB of on-board storage.

Year of the Goat iPhone

The handset will retail for €3164.40 but expect example number 8 to start a bidding war, considering the number’s significance as a symbol of luck, good health and fortune in Chinese culture.

Although the Year of the Goat doesn’t officially start until February 19, the handset is already available to order via Goldgenie’s website.

BioLogic bike mount for iPhone 6

Three bike mounts for the iPhone 6

As fitness tracking fever continues, smartphone bike mounts are becoming more in demand, in the interest of accessing features such as GPS maps, ride statistics and cardiovascular stats from wearable trackers.

If you like the idea of the iPhone 6 for its large screen but aren’t sure if you’ll find a compatible bike mount, look no further.

What’s new

BioLogic bike mount for iPhone 6

Urban cycling gear guru BioLogic has released its anticipated Bike Mount Plus for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which offers 360-degree rotation so that you can choose between using your phone in portrait or landscape mode.

Like the others in the company’s smartphone case selection, it’s shockproof and waterproof, offering protection from impact, rain, sweat, mud and dirt without blocking access to phone features.

MSRP $39.95 and €39.95; available from retailers worldwide.

Grows (or shrinks) with your iPhone

Magnetic iPhone Bike Mount by Proper

Australia-based Proper offers a case for the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, as well as models of yesteryear, that all attach to the same mount for your bike, and it also offers a mount for your car, facilitating GPS navigation.

You can choose your priorities, for they offer both a Light and Strong case and are available in black and grey for 20 AUS to 35 AUS ($29.55).

The M Lock bike mount costs 59.95 AUS ($50.60) and you don’t need to update it for the next iPhone model to come, for all of Proper’s iPhone cases can be mounted on it.

Everything included

Quad Lock's dual locking system

To score a case and compatible bike mount in one purchase, try the Quad Lock mounting system, whose mount for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was announced in August and claims to be ultra-light and ultra-strong.

It comes with a rain poncho and the case itself detaches for use as a protective cover when you’re not cycling. All the hardware is included. 69.95 AUS ($59).

By Atelier cases for iPhone 6

iPhone 6 gets luxury cases from By Atelier

By Atelier cases for iPhone 6

French brand By Atelier, located at the heart of Paris on the Champs-Elysées, has released a collection of luxury cases devoted to iPhone 6.


The brand’s first collection for iPhone 6 is based on an entirely hand-polished steel structure designed for maximum protection, namely thanks to its reliable attachment system with four clasps.

So far, By Atelier offers seven cases for the iPhone 6, each different through the exterior finishing in different shades of sapphire crystal, calf leather or alligator leather. All of the items have a guaranteed flawless finish reflecting the brand’s high-precision techniques and savoir-faire.


By Atelier's iPhone cases

Each case may be purchased with or without the iPhone 6. The case alone costs between €1,690 and €1,990 (around $2,190 to $2,570).

That includes a one-year subscription to a concierge service inspired by those of five-star hotels. For one year after purchasing a By Atelier case, iPhone users have access to an exclusive app for personalized assistance with travel arrangements, dinner reservations and similar services.

For details on the By Atelier iPhone collection: byatelier.com

Apple Iphone 6 diamond

The World Most Expensive iPhone 6 costs $2.7 million

Apple Iphone 6 diamond

 has been commissioned to create a luxury version of the iPhone 6 in solid 18 carat solid gold, fully encrusted with diamonds.

The phone will take approximately 2 months to make by recreating the full body in solid 18ct gold weighing approximately 85gsm and painstakingly handset with over 6,127 brilliant cut diamonds in VVS1 IF Colour.


The apple logo will be cut to the exact shape of the apple logo from 51.29 carat (10.258g) with a cushion flawless cut.

Amosu Iphone 6 diamond

Alexander Amosu has called his creation “Amosu Call of Diamond IPhone 6” with its mouth watering price tag of £1.7 million ($2,75 million.)


Just in case this is a little out of your price range, then you can settle for Amosu 24ct Gold Iphone 6 at £2,399

iphone 6 gold

Gold iPhone 6 already up for sale

iphone 6 gold

As anticipation builds about the rumored launch of Apple’s latest iPhone, the only thing that is certain is that it will be available in 24ct gold.

The  24ct Gold iPhone 6 is already available to order even if the standard iPhone 6 isn’t.

It can be specified in either yellow or rose gold, with your name engraved on its back and with a crocodile or python skin case.


The British-based designer was the first to offer an iPhone in gold back in 2007 and clearly doesn’t want to take any chances with the latest iteration of Apple’s smartphone, opening the order books and sending out renders of what the finished handset will look like based on rumors and leaks.

The standard iPhone 6 is expected to boast a 4.7-inch display and more rounded corners, and will be going on sale to the public on September 19.


Although we have yet to confirm Apple’s price for the new smartphone, Amosu’s version will run you a cool £2,400 ($3,900).

Amosu, whose clients include Snoop Dogg and Lily Allen, also does a line in gold-plated and diamond-encrusted Android and BlackBerry handsets.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

Apple unveils two big-screen iPhones

iphone 6

 on Tuesday unveiled two new versions of the iPhone, boosting the screen size of the iconic smartphone to 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

Unveiling the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Tim Cook said the company was launching “the biggest advancement in the history of iPhones.”

Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller, speaking at the event in Cupertino, California, said the new iPhones were “simply stunning” with improved displays thanks to polarized glass.


Both the handsets iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are powered by the Apple-designed A8 chip.The A8 is able to sustain performance-intensive tasks, like playing a game at higher frame rates. The iPhone 6 is up to 50% more energy efficient, claims the company.

If we talk about the thinness, the iPhone 6 is merely 6.9 mm while iPhone 6 Plus is just a smidge more at 7.1 mm.

The iPhone 6 has a resolution of 1334 by 750 with 326 pixels per inch, for a more than 720p Retina HD display. iPhone 6 Plus has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 with 401 pixels per inch. That’s full 1080p HD resolution.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

Apple’s move comes as consumers are switching to handsets with bigger displays to watch videos and browse the Internet.

How Much Will The iPhone 6 Cost?

The iPhone 6 is priced at $200 for 16 GB, $300 for 64 GB, and $400 for 128 GB, with a two year contract.

The larger iPhone 6 Plus commands a premium: $300 for 16 GB, $400 for 64 GB, and $500 for 128 GB.

Both phones come in silver, gold, and black. Pre-orders start this Friday, September 12, and the phones go on sale Friday the 19th.

Bentley short movie

Bentley “Intelligent Details” Short Film

To showcase how good its in-car entertainment and productivity systems are and how comfortable it is to use the back of a  as a mobile office, the company has made a short film.

The film in question was shot entirely on iPhones and then edited via the iPad Air that comes as standard equipment for rear-seat passengers in the , Bentley’s flagship ‘sporty’ limousine.

Shot in moody black and white, “Intelligent Details” follows Luc Donckerwolke, Bentley’s director of design, and SangYup Lee, the company’s head of Exterior Design, and attempts to find out what it is that inspires them and what it is about Bentley that makes it special.

Screenshot from Bentley Intelligent Details

At first glance it’s pretty hard to believe that the film was shot on an iPhone and edited on a tablet in the back of a car but after the credits have rolled, there’s an extra minute of footage showing you how it was done.

Although the camera of choice for the film is indeed the latest iPhone, it was combined with professional lenses, steadicam mounts and tripods. Though when it came to editing, the iPad Air was simply running film editing apps.

Gresso Titanium Bumper iPhone case

Gresso Titanium Bumper iPhone 5 case

Gresso Titanium Bumper iPhone case

Luxury mobile phone company Gresso has launched the Titanium Bumper, a collection of protective cases for iPhone 5 with prices ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.

Made of solid grade 5 titanium, the handcrafted case is resistant to bending and compression. Each piece is manually polished for four hours to receive the desired metal texture.

Consisting of upper and lower protective frames connected by hinges, the case features a patented magnetic locking system which closes and opens up with a single move.

The back panel can be covered in either Italian leather or crocodile leather, with the addition of an 18-carat gold Gresso logo. Each case is available in original titanium or black color schemes.

Million dollar iPhone

Million dollar iPhone by Alchemist

A very limited edition of customized iPhones priced at a staggering $1 million has just been launched by luxury goods group Alchemist London.

Million dollar iPhone

Featuring 700 crystals, the iPhones are encased in 24-carat gold handmade casing. The main navigation button holds a single cut two-carat diamond and the Apple logo on the rear is also fabricated from 53 diamonds.

Only four of the extremely limited edition super-bling designs have been fabricated — two iPhone 5 models and two iPhone 5S models.

Alchemist, a luxury boutique known for its extravagant creations, referred to the seven-month creative process as “a challenge of epic aesthetic and technical proportions.”


Although the price tag might seem incredible, this is not actually the most expensive iPhone to have hit the market.

In 2013, luxury goods company Stuart Hughes was commissioned to create a gold and diamond iPhone reputed to have cost almost $15 million.

Samsung Youm project

Could the next iPhone have a curved screen?

Apple has just been awarded a patent for a curved touch screen manufacturing process, stoking rumors about what the company could be planning for its next generation of tablets and handsets.

Samsung Youm project

The US patent, No. 8,603,574, awarded on Tuesday, is for a manufacturing process that would enable a screen to remain responsive to touch despite the effects of curving or shaping.

As part of the initial filing made in 2010, Apple specifically provides examples of its use in displays, touch pads and even mice. It also explains that current methods for curving a display result in a less sensitive and responsive screen; the process creates ‘dead’ areas.

Apple’s approach uses a film that is applied to a screen or surface before it is shaped, which would ensure that its whole surface remains touch-sensitive once curved.

The filing also gives examples of more complex shapes, like waves as well as simple curves, that would be possible thanks to the process that Apple is patenting.

Whether or not the patent is a signal of Apple’s future intent remains to be seen but there is little doubt that curved and flexible displays are set to play a huge role in the future of mobile device design.

Samsung and LG, two of Apple’s biggest competitors in the smartphone and tablet space, have already launched smartphones with curved, flexible displays as showcases for their own display capabilities.

Gold apple logo

First photo of the iPhone 5S in ‘champagne’

champagne iphone

TechCrunch has published the first photos of the iPhone wearing its new shiny coat. In addition to the traditional black and white, Apple’s next smartphone will reportedly be available in a pale gold color.

In addition to the traditional black and white models, the forthcoming iPhone 5S could also be available in a flashier version, all in gold, according to American tech specialist website TechCrunch.

Apple’s new smartphone will be presented on September 10, most likely alongside a more affordable version of the device, dubbed the iPhone 5C.

According to these rumors, Apple may introduce a new “champagne” color to the iPhone range. The shimmery gold shade is said to be easily obtained by anodizing the smartphone’s aluminum casing.

Well-heeled Apple fans can already purchase iPhones made of solid gold, or even encrusted with diamonds, through brands such as Amosu or Goldgenie, for several thousand euros, but the “champagne” iPhone would present a more affordable alternative for fans of metallic colors.

Readers of TechCrunch commented that an iPhone with a gold case would likely sell particularly well in the Chinese and Indian markets, where the color is popular.

Beautified app launches for appointments on the go

Beautified application

Launching in New York City with around 40 partners, new iOS (iPhone and iPad) app Beautified allows users to book exclusive appointments at high-end spas and salons in the Big Apple.

Whether you’re in need of a haircut, blowout, manicure, pedicure, wax, facial or massage, the team behind the product aims to have your spontaneous beauty sessions covered, and hair specialists the John Barrett Salon and the Shibui Spa at the luxury Greenwich Hotel in TriBeCa are already onboard.

Co-founders Hannah Bronfman, Annie Evans and Peter Hananel also aim to roll out the service in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, and Chicago later in the year.

However, Beautified isn’t the first kid on the block. Lifebooker, founded in 2006 as an online concierge service, is also available on iOS.

The service allows you to book beauty, health, and fitness appointments, as well as grab savings on the move, and Lifebooker is available in 23 cities in the United States and Canada.

Mercedes showcases Google in-car integration

Mercedes Google Map integration

At Google I/O, Mercedes-Benz demonstrates upcoming integration with Google services using an iPhone connected to its Drive Kit Plus feature in an SL-class.

The DigitalDriveStyle app combines powerful Google search, location and mapping features into a single, safe-to-use-while-driving service for Mercedes owners.

The system enables a driver to seamlessly integrate their smartphone into the car’s infotainment architecture and for the device’s apps to be categorized and displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard screen and to be accessed via console buttons or through voice commands.

The DigitalDriveStyle app also integrates predictive search into the Google Places API meaning that as a driver starts to type or dictate a destination, the software automatically predicts the most likely destination, whether it’s a street, a shop or restaurant.

By combining Google Street View and Google+ local images, users can also take 360° virtual tours of any intended destination before they set off.

The app also adds ‘heatmaps’ to searched for destinations to highlight areas with the highest predicted concentrations of people — such as shopping centers and nightclubs.

Mercedes was the first car company to open a research and development centre in Silicon Valley — its Palo Alto site opened way back in 1995.

The car company has invested heavily in developing its own apps and services in-house, and the integration of Google’s services into the latest edition of DigitalDriveStyle app is a result of the close working relationship the two companies have formed.

The irony is, however, that all of these innovations will not be coming to the Android platform. The DigitalDriveStyle app and the Drive Kit Plus — the combination of hardware and software that enables a smartphone to be integrated into a Mercedes — only work with the iPhone.

Mercedes Google integration