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Burberry Confirms Joining the Compassionate Trend of Going Fur Free

Burberry February 2018 Collection

Famously known for their Burberry check print and trench coats, British luxury haberdasher Burberry is a long standing traditional name in the fashion industry. The brand is also recognised as being a Royal fashion favourite. However, tradition also implies a historical association with fur. At Burberry, fur has been a part of their designs over the years with the justification that their fur is “sourced from an authorised, regularly inspected suppliers operating to high ethical standards”. Recent London Fashion Week shows have seen a myriad of animal welfare protesters outside shows, with Burberry being a primary target for the group. That said, all this is set to change.

Over the last weekend, to the relish of many anti-fur organisations, the British label confirmed with Sunday Times that they will be going fur-free.

Burberry February 2018 Collection

Burberry February 2018 Collection

Burberry Confirms Joining the Compassionate Trend of Going Fur Free

This transition would see Burberry joining the latest string of fellow designer fashion houses Gucci, Versace, Michael Kors, Donna Karan and Jimmy Choo who have gone fur-free in the recent months. Other designers with longtime fur bans include Hugo Boss, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger and Vivienne Westwood. In fact, according to Burberry, recent collections from September 2017 and February 2018 were already made out of faux fur. This marks a celebratory moment for Burberry as animal rights prevail .

Case in point, fur farming has been illegal in the United Kingdom since 2000, but the country still imports and sells fur from animals including fox, mink, rabbit and chinchilla. As a method to advocate for animal rights, organisations and celebrities often take the stance that closing its borders to this cruel trade completely would make more sense than voluntarily ceasing the practice on a brand-to-brand basis. That said, Burberry’s fur review could not have been more timely to send a strong statement for the upcoming #FurFreeBritain coalition. At our current level of fabric and material technology, we have functionally equivalent or superior options to wearing real fur, we applaud the brands that are taking actions to move away from an industry built on the sufferings of countless animals.

Burberry February 2018 Collection

Standout Looks From New York Fashion Week 2018

Throwback: Standout Looks From The Streets Of New York Fashion Week 2018

The biggest glitz and glamour fest of the year, the New York Fashion Week (NYFW), came to a successful close after the city’s streets turned into a stunning, temporary catwalk to showcase fashionable gents decked in chic-stylish menswear in the most outstanding way possible. While inspirations are diverse, here are some of the takeaways from the NYFW. With shows from Gucci, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Tod’s and Off-White, to name a few, the fashion labels are out to present their statement-making outfits with contemporary flair, bold hues, colours, prints, checkered patterns and other fashionable materials. Here, we hope to help you transition your wardrobe and inspire in you a more savvy-dressing where you can keep your looks fresh and effortlessly stylish all year round.




Over-sized Printed Cotton Wear

Over Coat

Trench Coat

(Source: Mr Porter)

Luxury Kidswear: The Next Big Market for Luxury

Gucci Kids SS 2017

In this current retail climate, luxury brands are downsizing. That is to say, they’re creating kid versions of their adult lines, catering to an ever younger market through luxury kidswear. Thanks to millennials and the growing number of celebrity couples churning out million dollar babies, the resulting social media frenzy from the Beckhams, Wests and Jolie-Pitts have changed the conversation from one of discovering new mediums for consumer engagement to now appealing to an entirely different class of consumer – the kids, through the most emotionally compromised shoppers on the planet, their parents.

Business of Luxury: Childrenswear, The Next Big Luxury Market

When popular English footballer David Beckham arrived at JFK airport in New York City in 2014, little was said about him, many of the reports were focused on his young daughter Harper and her chic hat and peacoat ensemble.

From Kingston and Zuma Rossdale (Gwen Stefani’s kids), to the scions of English Royalty: Prince George (UK Kidfluencer Prime according Forbes no less) and Princess Charlotte, fashion influencer clout is no longer wielded by over-exposed parents like Kim Kardashian but rather their celebrity offspring: North West, Suri Cruise and the like.

Left: Harper Beckham arriving at JFK with father, David. Right: Kingston Rossdale, son of Gwen Stefani

Their innocence, wrapped in a trapping of luxury, style and sometimes, attitude contributes to the appeal of whatever ensemble they happen to be rocking at the moment and luxury brands are only just beginning to entertain the idea of luxury kidswear, especially in developing economies like India, China, Indonesia and Singapore.

Luxury Brands taking Baby Steps

According to The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, the luxury kidswear market in India is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20%, hitting 95,000 crore or US$14 billion in 2016, making India one of the fast growing markets for the luxury kidswear segment.

All aboard the luxury childrenswear train. Image: Gucci Kids A/W 2017

Similarly, the luxury kidswear genre is also growing in China, fuelled by twin phenomena – the now defunct one child policy, which led to parents indulging in lavish gifts for their progeny as well as the issue of that of fu er dai – a Chinese term which literally refers to the second generation wealthy, millennials used to growing in such opulent lifestyles that the children they sire, also lead similar lifestyles and a propensity towards luxury. These are trends which statistics from the China Research Centre for Children’s Industry also reflect where the projected baby boom through till 2021 will see the mainland’s under-16 population grow over 400 million. In the Asia-Pacific region, luxury kidswear is expected to grow at a pace of 5.3% per annum in Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore as well.

The phenomena of burgeoning luxury sales in the children’s segment is reflected not just in the numbers but in media as well. According to Business of Fashion, Hypebeast, an industry pioneer in online luxury streetwear commentary launched Hypekids in March 2017, a new children’s vertical when Founder Kevin Ma, saw big data trends in his Hypebeast audience growing up and having kids.

“I think it’s a natural progression for us,” – Kevin Ma, Founder, Hypebeast

Launching with Kids Foot Locker as a sponsor, Hypekids will include style news and features on designers with their kids, as well as sell children’s items on Hypebeast’s global e-commerce platform, HBX. The site further posits that millennial parents — who are dressing their children in the same clothes as they dress themselves — are the driving force of the industry.

Balmain Kids

Additionally, rising purchasing power serves as another driver growth in the luxury kidswear segment and the market for designer childrenswear has also been spurred by increasing brand consciousness and the proliferation of online digital platforms which not only grow interest for ensembles for million dollar babies but also serve as a kind of new status symbol – you are no longer judged by what you wear but also what your kids wear, that aside, the reality is that while many millennials aren’t too fussy with what they wear, they certainly are cognisant of the fact that their children are growing up in cultural environs vastly different from that for their era.

 The Business of Luxury Kidswear

In 2013, the first Global Kids Fashion Week launched in London to mixed reception but even with social criticism, the genre continued to grow, encouraged by Burberry, an early adopter, selling $91 million in luxury kidswear in 2014, encouraging the entry of major luxury brands into the arena of childrenswear: Gucci, Armani, Fendi and recently Karl Lagerfeld in 2016 (UPDATE: Givenchy has just launched their kids line) have each launched clothing and accessories lines targeted specifically at children. Given that high street apparel brands like Zara, H&M and Marks & Spencer had found lucrative business in the childrenswear genre, it was only a matter of time before the bigwigs caught on.

Marc Jacobs Kids, officially – Little Marc Jacobs 2014

Gucci Kids 2017

According to Singapore Tatler, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Singapore was leading the charge in children’s luxury retail, opening a slew of standalone boutiques in 2014 –  Baby Dior, Fendi Kids and Ralph Lauren Children; and then adding to their portfolio of luxury children’s stores: Dolce & Gabbana Junior and Armani Junior in 2015-16.

“In today’s environment of exclusivity and quality, the retail experiences that the market is catering for adults and children are on par, this can be seen in numerous aspects, from the calibre of designs released by renowned fashion houses, to the extensive selection of apparel, right down to the VIP treatment.” – John Postle, vice president of retail at Marina Bay Sands to Singapore Tatler

In China alone, as many as 90% of kidswear labels have their own standalone boutiques but the rise of e-commerce is threatening to move this major market online: Net-a-Porter, a trailblazer in luxury eCommerce, registered the Petite-a-Porter domain name in 2013 (Though nothing has been launched at the moment).  Currently, former Vogue editors Sylvana Ward Durrett and Luisana Mendoza, have themselves launched Maisonette, a Farfetch-style platform that sells a curated selection from children’s boutiques.

Oscar de la Renta kids 2017

That said, while luxury childrenswear is booming, it isn’t exactly a new segment. In the early 70s, Dior and Ralph Lauren were pioneers to the kidswear genre but it must be said, they were likely too early as a nearly four decade drought persisted until Burberry, Chloe and Marc Jacobs reignited the furore. They were followed by Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Marni and Gucci, the latter being the most aggressive (by definition of campaign marketing). Even Oscar de la Renta is in on this, there’s no doubt that every self-respecting designer needs to have a children’s collection under the auspices of their brand. Surely a decisive strategy of building brand loyalty early and deepening their relationships with existing customers.

Currently, European and North American markets account for a major slice of the global kidswear market.  According to Euromonitor, 2015 sales for luxury kidswear reached $135.6bn worldwide and accounted for 12% of the overall clothing market, Meanwhile, research firm NPD Group Inc expects the luxury childrenswear market to hit US$ 173.6 billion by 2017 at CAGR of 4.2% driven by aggressive growth developing economies, particularly India and China where a healthy and growing middle class as well as targeted marketing by brands, increasing social media engagement and a spurt of international travel has created a cocktail of elements driving on luxury childrenswear consumption.

Will luxury watch brands follow suit? Image: Romain Jerome Hello Kitty

That said, rising labour costs do not bode well to the two largest consumers of luxury childrenswear as more and more luxury labels are forced to maintain margins by heading to Bangladesh where Zara, Massimo Dutti, Marks & Spencer, G-Star Raw and H&M are already present. Still, markets like Thailand and Taiwan are largely untapped and growth potential is immense and more importantly, imminently renewable as parents will attest to how quickly the little tykes outgrow their outfits.


‘Tales of a Trench Coat’: A private exhibition with Burberry and ART REPUBLIK


On 20 April, ART REPUBLIK hosted an exclusive evening reception of cocktails, fashion, and art at Burberry’s ‘Tales of a Trench Coat’ exhibition at ION Orchard.

The traveling exhibition, which gives the public an insider’s look at the history and heritage of Burberry’s most iconic staple, first kicked off in Seoul before making its way to Tokyo and Singapore for two weeks only.

Alongside Heart Media CEO Olivier Burlot and ART REPUBLIK’s Managing Editor Nadya Wang, the 60 guests in attendance were treated to champagne and hors d’oeuvres as they toured around the exhibition space led by Burberry’s private client consultants. Dotted around the boutique were several interactive displays showcasing the craftsmanship, savoir faire and exquisite attention-to-detail that goes into every Burberry trench coat.

The highlight of the exhibition? A retrospective tableau featuring 14 of the most iconic trenches designed by Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey from 2005 to present. At the event, fans of the brand also got the chance to try on pieces from the most recent February 2017 ready-to-wear collection (inspired by English artist Henry Moore) and have their new Burberry trenches monogrammed with the brand’s signature hand-applied goldwork cording.

New luxury fragrances for him: Sleek and suave with Mr. Burberry’s Eau De Parfum

Following the iconic Mr. Burberry Eau De Toilette, Burberry is back with another stronger and newer interpretation. With the new Mr. Burberry Eau De Parfum, the brand transforms the original scent into its sensual alter ego. Perfected by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjan alongside Christopher Bailey, it fashions itself around an image of masculinity.

The scent opens with a blend of fresh tarragon with cinnamon which adds a interesting layer of spice. Infused with this is rich patchouli, layered atop to create an earthy base. Lavender weaves itself between these layers, softening up the scent with a hint of sensitivity. Rounding up the fragrance is a woody amber and smoky vetiver, bringing a masculine element to the table.

The bottle is an homage to Burberry’s black Heritage Trench Coat and its classic design. A weighted cap seals the fragrance, and is a strong reference to the coat’s horn-look buttons. This is garnished with a hand-tied knot in English-woven gabardine, a tip of the hat to the brand’s English origins and founder Thomas Burberry.

In addition, Burberry presents a limited edition Mr. Burberry grooming line. Aftershave balm, Hair and Beard Clay as well as face scrubs are each included as a set with the Mr. Burberry scent, to bring you the whole package. For an added personal touch, monogramming services of up to three initials on the perfume bottles are available. Simply visit selected Burberry and wholesale stores or log on to Burberry to find out how.

Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer of Burberry comments “Mr. Burberry is our most significant men’s fragrance to date. Inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat and by London, a city of great contrasts and contradictions. It is traditional yet irreverent, elegant without being pristine. It perfectly encapsulates a mood and an attitude that today’s Burberry man will recognise as his own.”

Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum will be available online at Burberry and at Burberry ION Orchard from April 2017.

Perfect Pairing: Bridges Between Art, Fashion

Fashion and Art used to be separate worlds, obeying different codes and serving opposite purposes. This season though, the two universes got a step closer, through abounding references and unique collaborations between brands and artists.gucci-perfectpairing-2

From Gucci to Burberry, L’Officiel Singapore selected the most remarkable examples of this phenomenon in their October issue, dedicated to Pop Culture. Read the full “Perfect Pairing” story on lofficielsingapore.com.

Burberry Pays Tribute to Founder with Short Film

Burberry Pays Tribute to Founder with Short Film

This short film about Burberry founder Thomas Burberry is a three-minute affair that plays like a trailer for a full feature film. Alas starstruck fans of Burberry, there is no feature film behind this. The trailer is the whole movie, basically.

The British label launched its Holiday 2016 campaign this week, telling the story of founder, Thomas, and the key moments that built its international reputation. Domhnall Gleeson, Sienna Miller, Dominic West and Lily James star in the three-minute Christmas commercial, filmed in the style of a movie trailer.

Burberry is celebrating Holiday 2016, as well as the brand’s 160th anniversary, with a seasonal short film paying tribute to the luxury label’s founder, Thomas Burberry. The video looks back at some of the key events that helped make Burberry an internationally recognized brand.

Burberry Pays Tribute to Founder with Short Film

“This Christmas, as we celebrate our 160th anniversary, we wanted to tell the story of Thomas Burberry – pioneer, inventor, innovator, and the man behind the iconic trench coat – in our own words,’ said Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer. “The film we have made is a brief glimpse inspired by his full and extraordinary life, which threaded its way through the history of the twentieth century in all its tumultuous highs and lows.”

The label signed up a star cast and director for this Holiday 2016 campaign. “The Tale of Thomas Burberry” was written by Matt Charman and directed by filmmaker Asif Kapadia (“The Warrior,” “Amy”).

The film stars Domhnall Gleeson (“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” “The Revenant”) as Thomas Burberry and Sienna Miller (“American Sniper,” “Black Mass”) as Sara, a fictionalized version of his first love. Dominic West (“The Wire,” “Money Monster”) plays explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton and Lily James (“Downton Abbey”) is Betty Dawson, a character inspired by the life of pilot Betty Kirby-Green.

Key moments in the trailer include Thomas Burberry creating his water-resistant trench coat, which went on to become one of the brand’s signature pieces.

Burberry Private Event, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The Burberry September collection show was the first where both the new men’s and women’s collections were displayed for the first time. It was held late September as part of London Fashion Week, at Burberry’s new show venue “Makers house” in London’s Soho. The idea behind the collection was derived from the spirit of Nancy Lancaster’s interior and garden designs, as well as Virginia Woolf’s novel ‘Orlando’. The collection was a medley of noble and authentic fabrics, where denim and sweatshirting met cashmere and pyjama silks. It blurs the boundaries between masculine/feminine, casual/formal, and night/day.

The screening of the Burberry September collection show was one of the highlights of the brand’s private event at its Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, held on Friday 23 September. The 200 attendees of the event consisted of media, celebrities, and society ladies – including Rebecca Lim, Fiona Fussi, Hanli Hoefer, Paul Foster, Yvette King and Desmond Tan.


After the screening, guests viewed the September collection up-close at the store in a powerful example of what the see now buy philosophy can accomplish. Since Burberry is one of the pioneers of the see-now-buy-now phenomenon, guests were able to purchase the collection fresh of the runway. Other activities included the monogramming of the Heritage Trench Coat, and a performance of five songs by Burberry acoustic British singer-songwriter Georgie (her first performance in Asia).


The full September collection is now available to purchase at Burberry Marina Bay Sands, ION Orchard and Paragon stores and globally through Burberry.com, shipping to over 100 countries.

Burberry See Now Buy Now Collection Debuts

Fashion is driven by an insatiable desire for the new but is always teasing with fresh collections. Burberry says no more as its September collection goes on sale now, immediately after its showing at London Fashion Week. The British luxury label is hardly alone in making this move, with a number of major names agreeing with fashionistas that the months-long delay between seeing a new collection and having it in your hands is annoying.

Burberry put on sale its entire September collection as soon as it was previewed on the London catwalk, days after Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger made similar moves in New York. This is not to say that Burberry is following in anyone’s footsteps. This move has been in the works for some time and the brand is widely considered to be a trendsetter as far as adopting new ideas goes. Monday’s show, live streamed online around the world, was rich in historical references with heavy prints, military embroidery on jackets and ruffs inspired by Virginia Woolf’s epoch-spanning novel Orlando.

“I like traditional, beautiful, slow crafts, but we are living in a moment that changes everything – and speed is everything,” Burberry creative director and chief executive officer Christopher Bailey told reporters. “We’re changing the way that we all work and think and live.”


The move to “buy now” means ditching the long-established tradition of showing one season ahead, which is pretty radical when you think about it. This change will have an impact right down the supply chain. It has pitted the more business-centric fashion weeks in London and New York against Milan and Paris, where luxury labels such as Dior and Chanel argue that instant gratification will disrupt the creative process. Truly, if ever a fashion season heralded a decisive break with the past, this is it.

But Bailey said the shift naturally follows the democratisation of fashion shows through live streaming, in which Burberry was a pioneer and which is now used in most of London’s on-schedule shows. “We will reflect after this show what has worked, what hasn’t worked. But I get excited about new things,” he said.

Changing the business model 

By way of contrast, we already know that Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel is decidedly against instant gratification, a sentiment echoed by the business side of things too. Fashion mogul Francois-Henri Pinault, whose Kering group owns Gucci, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga, has previously said the new model went against the “dream and desire” that drives the industry.

For Burberry, it coincided with the merging of the brand’s men and women’s lines, resulting in just two shows a year rather than four, which Bailey said had led to a “much calmer season”. Whatever the case may be there, it will certainly save Burberry money, which is important in the current tough times.

But selling off the catwalk is a challenge for smaller brands. They do not have their own shops and use fashion week as a showcase for buyers, who place orders that the designers fill over the coming months. Take for example Temperley London, a label known for its modern take on bohemian style using artisan techniques with hand-worked details.

This season it sold three items straight after its London show via social media platform Vero, but designer Alice Temperley said any more would be a struggle. “We couldn’t do the whole collection without changing our entire business model,” she told AFP.

With consumers becoming ever more demanding, such brands may have no choice but to speed up the delivery process, however. “Consumers now live in a very fluid present, and that is where the brands need to be,” said Magdalena Kondej, retail analyst at Euromonitor International.

“Fast fashion has an obvious advantage in terms of already efficient supply chains but it is luxury brands that will have to adjust on a bigger scale and shorten the period between runway buzz and retail availability.”

Nevertheless, this line of thinking presumes that speed is most important to customers, who obviously don’t care about supply chains and logistics. They do care about quality though and we hope the current moves in fashion towards greater currency won’t lead to creative and production compromises. Artisans can only stitch things together so fast, after all, and that is part of the charm. After all, we do not live in the age of Star Trek, where advanced technology produces anything you care to ask for, on-demand.

Burberry London Livestream 2016

Numerous brands are showcasing their collections at London Fashion Week and we have been invited to catch Burberry’s runway show as it happens later today. With nearly 100 looks set to walk the ramp, the show promises to be an entertaining display.

Visit L’Officiel Singapore to find out more about the show and how you can visit the venue in London until September 27.

Creative Renaissance Expected at Paris Fashion Week

Seasonal changes are transformative but Paris Fashion Week this September is expected to reveal major creative shifts at some of the biggest names in luxury fashion. With so many new creative directors in place at France’s biggest fashion houses, this season’s Paris Fashion Week is supposed to bring a breath of fresh air to the capital.

These changes at the creative helm, collectively, represents a transformative time for labels, and one gets the sense that if revival and renewal don’t make a strong showing in the spring/summer 2017 season, the fashion world will be disappointed. This is likely because many of the wider changes in the fashion business will not be evident in Paris.

Paris Fashion Week is unlikely to see many – if any – of the combined menswear and womenswear collections on the agenda in Milan, New York and London. The same goes for the “see now buy now” concept. While fashion houses such as Burberry, Tom Ford and Michael Kors are bringing their latest collections to stores straight after their runway shows (globally in some cases), French fashion is resisting this revolution. Most French fashion houses will continue to operate on the traditional industry schedule for the upcoming round of shows.

So, the weight of expectations if fully on the creative directorship changeovers at many big houses, putting the French capital firmly in the spotlight. Some of the incoming designers’ first collections for their new employers are eagerly awaited in the fashion world.

Dior, Lanvin, Saint Laurent

The upcoming Dior show will be a particular focus of attention, overseen for the first time by Maria Grazia Chiuri. A former co-creative director of Valentino, the Italian fashion designer is the first woman to take the reins of Dior’s haute couture, ready-to-wear and accessories collections. The new ready-to-wear line is expected to mark a fresh start for the label, with particular emphasis on accessories, a domain in which Maria Grazia Chiuri notably excels.

Since a traumatic parting of ways with its emblematic creative director, Alber Elbaz, almost a year ago, Lanvin is also set to enter a new era in September. The label’s Paris show, scheduled September 28, will allow Bouchra Jarrar, now heading womenswear collections, to showcase the full extent of her talent and to bring a feminine, modern touch to Lanvin’s style.

The fashion world will also have its eyes on Saint Laurent this season, again due to a recent change in creative director. The upcoming show from Anthony Vaccarello, who replaced Hedi Slimane, will be especially eagerly awaited since his predecessor’s style was so intrinsically linked with the spirit of the brand. What’s more, his arrival has brought a few changes to the Paris schedule. Not only has Saint Laurent chosen to move its show to the first day of Paris Fashion Week, September 27, but Anthony Vaccarello also announced that he was putting work for his own label on hold, with no show in store for the Paris event.

Sonia Rykiel in the spotlight

The Sonia Rykiel show is likely to be emotionally charged at this season’s Fashion Week. Scheduled October 3 – barely a month after the death of the brand’s eponymous founding designer – the show could take the form of a final homage, both in terms of its staging and the pieces in the new collection. The show could prove a fitting farewell for this French designer who revolutionized fashion, liberating women from stuffy bourgeois looks and introducing a hint of relaxed chic that characterizes French style today.

London Fashion Week Open for Business

London Fashion Week Open for Business

The world is still coming to grips with New York Fashion Week, which was even more packed with innovations than expected, but it is time to look ahead once more to London Fashion Week. The pace is blistering and technology is staying at least one medium ahead of everyone, it seems. By the time London steps into the spotlight, our collective notions about seasons and trends may have already been forever altered.

Against a backdrop of general uncertainty and anxiety, there’s also Brexit to contend with but the institution that is London Fashion Week (LFW) has declared itself firmly open for business. The notices have been going out to every news service that will transmit them, including ourselves. In an unrelated move, we also received notice that Brexit fallout continues, with David Cameron stepping down as MP. Given that Cameron is hardly an important figure in fashion circles, this news will likely not be a distraction…hopefully.

LFW will have a torrid time as it is, getting ready to welcome more than 5,000 guests from 58 countries and 83 major designers scheduled for 64th edition of the extravaganza.

Figures released in June show that the British fashion industry’s national worth has grown by 8% since 2013, now totaling £28 billion (about $37 billion), and LFW is capitalizing on the strength of the sector with an event that will focus on change and innovation (the same keywords, as we noted, so prominently on show right now in New York).

When it comes to those keywords, as it applies to London Fashion Week, all eyes will surely be on the UK house of Burberry as it shows its menswear and womenswear collections together for the first time, with the pieces available to buy directly afterwards.

The label, headed by Christopher Bailey, isn’t the only major player here to embrace this change. Reports have it that Fyodor Golan, House of Holland and Topshop Unique will also be showing see-now buy-now collections. Meanwhile, Aquascutum, Belstaff, Joseph and this year’s Woolmark Womenswear winner Teatum Jones will also put menswear and womenswear together on the catwalk.

In addition to the official catwalk schedule, the SS17 edition of LFW will also feature more than 150 labels presenting in the Designer Showrooms at Brewer Street Car Park. International brands MM6 and Versus return to the city, while Huishan Zhang, Molly Goddard and the aforementioned Teatum Jones will all be showing on catwalks for the first time. This year, LFW intends to become more UKFW, with 20 Ocean Outdoor screens across Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Newcastle broadcasting LFW content. Given the way this content will be infiltrating people’s mobile phones, this move seems largely anachronistic, reflecting perhaps our earlier point about technology staying one step ahead of the trends themselves…

LFW runs September 16-20. For more information see www.londonfashionweek.co.uk

My Burberry Black

My Burberry Black Campaign Stars Lily James

The British fashion house Burberry is bringing its iconic black Heritage Trench to a sleek bottle with the new fragrance called My Burberry Black. Capturing not only elements of the trench but also the aroma of a London garden in the rain, the fragrance stars in its own campaign alongside British actress Lily James. Shot by none other than Mario Testino, the campaign is sensual and mysterious like the fragrance.

To find out more about the My Burberry Black fragrance and to watch the full campaign, visit L’Officiel Singapore.

Burberry see now buy now campaign visual

Burberry Teases First ‘See Now, Buy Now’ Collection

The image you are looking at teases Burberry’s first “see now, buy now” collection. As part of its new “see now, buy now” strategy, the British fashion label has previewed a first collection due to go on sale directly after its upcoming catwalk show, September 19. The brand also announced a collaboration with The New Craftsmen to honor to the various skilled craftspeople who work for the label.

Having been announced in February, this new instant gratification approach to the design, creation, promotion and sale of Burberry collections is starting to take shape with a first advertising campaign. This previews the first “see now, buy now” collection, set to be presented September 19 at London Fashion Week before going on sale to the public immediately afterwards. And, for the first time, the collection will mix womenswear and menswear.

For Burberry creative director, Christopher Bailey, the changes currently underway at the label will help the brand establish closer links between the world created through its fashion shows and the moment consumers discover collections for themselves in stores. Unspoken in all of this is the role the Internet plays, carrying as it will the livestreams and such of the show.

Honoring craftsmanship

The British brand’s new collection is directly inspired by Virginia Woolf’s 1928 novel Orlando. This can be seen through contrasting masculine and feminine pieces from different periods in history.

Burberry has also chosen to honor the brand’s many skilled craftspeople with a campaign from Mario Testino. The three new faces of the brand – Jean Campbell, Cavan McCarthy and Alex Dragulele – star alongside Piero Calosi, the pattern-maker who worked on Burberry’s latest bag, The Bridle. Burberry will gradually unveil images of several talented artisans working behind the scenes at the brand’s English, Scottish and Italian production facilities.

A series of events in London

After the upcoming catwalk show, September 19, Burberry will also launch a partnership with The New Craftsmen, which promotes the work of British craftspeople. The collaboration will see events and activities at Makers House, Burberry’s new venue in the British capital.

The venue will be open to the public from September 21 to 27 for an exhibition of work by British craftspeople inspired by the label’s latest collection and its theme.

British department store Harrods

Harrods, Burberry Plan Exclusive Holiday Capsule

It is never too early to think about Christmas, especially if you have something special up your sleeve, as department store Harrods and fashion label Burberry demonstrated. The British brands have joined hands to launch a set of holiday initiatives and an exclusive capsule collection.

The activities, branded under the banner “A Very British Fairy Tale,” are due to kick off in November and will include a holiday-themed winter window installment at the Harrods Brompton store, which follows two children on an imaginative journey through the English countryside.

Additionally, the store will also stock an exclusive capsule collection by Burberry comprising ready-to-wear, accessories and gifts. The brand will also mount craftsmanship and personalization stations at the store, which will allow shoppers to have their Burberry purchases monogrammed by an artisan.

The tie-up is part of a wider major new strategic plan by Burberry, which aims to further fine-tune its merchandise offer and strengthen existing relationships with wholesale partners WWD reported.

Marco Gobbetti Appointed New Burberry CEO

The term musical chairs has been used so many times to describe the ever-increasing list of appointments in fashion, it is no longer amusing (and this term is now banned on our site with relation to fashion world appointments). Forget the designers, even CEOs are walking in and out of the revolving doors of high fashion faster than our nimble fingers can keep up. The latest to join the list of companies trying to find bottom line answers in the age of digital disruption is Burberry.

Once a digital success story under the guidance of current Chief Executive and Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey, the company is ready for all-new moves to address the current challenges, which are both marketing and retail related. The brand announced its appointment of Marco Gobbetti to replace Bailey in his role as Chief Executive as soon as next year.

The changes in top tier management do not mean that Bailey is out of a job. Instead, he will take on the newly minted role of president of Burberry. In the two years that Bailey has led the company, Burberry shares have retreated, causing many investors to express their discontent. It was clear that the dual role he held in the company, following Angela Ahrendts departure from the company, has caused many to conclude that he had been overstretched while his talent was under-utilized. With a decline in demand for luxury goods worldwide, Bailey even took a 75% pay cut to help ease the drop in sales. We commend Bailey for his singular dedication to the brand and there can be no doubting his commitment.

Marco Gobbetti is currently the chairman and CEO of luxury label Céline and has an impressive resume. Prior to his role at Céline, Gobbetti was the CEO for both Moschino and Givenchy. The surprise housekeeping move saw Burberry’s shares rise 7.9% — a sign that investors welcome the new appointment. This is not the only shift at Burberry though. The brand also announced the appointment of Julie Brown as the new chief operating and financial officer. While Carol Fairweather currently holds this role, she is set to leave Burberry by 2017.

18 Best Pre-Fall Womenswear Trends 2016

From androgynous dress suits in floral prints to saccharine-sweet pastels and kitsch sensuality, the trends for Pre-Fall 2016 are pretty diverse, so there’s something for everyone. Here, our friends at L’Officiel Singapore have done the research for you to bring you 18 looks you should sport for the transitional season.


18 PF16 Trends_Givenchy

Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci

When it comes to suiting now, bolder is better. Give your classic navy and black suits a rest and look to versions in daring prints and opulent fabrics – think Bottega Veneta’s mismatched tailoring or Givenchy’s flower-embellished stunner punked up with studded boots.


Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang

Military gets a cool downtown vibe with Alexander Wang’s introduction of grunge elements – beanies, 
chains and opaque tights – and unexpectedly ladylike accents in the form of velvet heels.




A clever take on layering by the design team at Dior, with a gently curved olive coat shrugged over another coat in rich brown fur. A lace-trimmed slip and sparkly flats lends ease and lightness to the look.




Shearling continues to be a giant trend for Pre-Fall, turning up as cool outerwear at brands as diverse as Coach, Paco Rabanne and Stella McCartney. Christopher Bailey showed an oversized one at Burberry, which he paired with sleek flares and a boyish rucksack.




Shearling’s more luxurious cousin is also having its moment in the sun, but these furs are not your grandmother’s dowdy ones. Pre-Fall’s best shaggy pieces come in fabulous hues and patterns like those on Marni’s graphic check fur stole, Valentino’s ombre fur robe and Fendi’s floral explosion.


Michael Kors Collection

Michael Kors Collection

Considering the fact that most Pre-Fall collections hit shop floors at the height of summer, it makes sense to drench them in sweet, uplifting shades. Giorgio Armani showed tiered dresses in washed-out blues, Sportmax proposed pale lemon for our outerwear, while Michael Kors had us thinking pink.




Boy-meets-girl is a trope fashion loves to reinterpret. This season’s offerings include Jason Wu’s jackets that were sculpted for a feminine silhouette, butterfly and lipstick prints on an Alexander McQueen pantsuit, and Prince-of-Wales tailoring at Versace shot through with baby blue and worn with a tiny skirt.


Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci

Who says that sequins should only come out when the sun goes down? When styled with the right pieces, metallics make a wonderful daytime statement too. Case in point: Phillip Lim’s gold wide pants, worn with a silk shirt, and Emilio Pucci’s sequined shirt, paired with a breezy skirt and a sandal-sock combo.


18 PF16 Trends_Gucci


The pleated midi skirt is fashion’s favourite skirt shape of the moment and no one does it better than Alessandro Michele. This season he rendered it in high-impact silver worn with an equally shiny pink bomber. Elsewhere, Michael Kors, Giorgio Armani and Max Mara also offered beautiful options of the pleated midi.


Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

The current-season way to pull off ethnic influences can be seen in the collections of Alexander McQueen and Altuzarra. The key is to go for a sharper, more fitted silhouette; the end look needs to come off sleek and polished instead of billowy and bohemian.


Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

Where Miuccia Prada goes, others are sure to follow. After last season’s enchanting tulle layers at Miu Miu, the gauzy fabric is shaping up to be a key layering element. Molly Goddard has built a name with her joyful tulle creations, while Stella McCartney presented a womanly version worn over trousers and a bustier.




Designers are reinventing tie-dye with a luxe spin, moving it farther away from hippie-dippy and muddy music-fest connotations. Our favourite version is from Valentino, where the saturation is amped way up and cut into a modern anorak, juxtaposed with a smart shirt and thigh-highs.

SWEET ’60s



The youthful charm of the ’60s look has always endured – who can resist the appeal of a little skirt, a fitted jumper and a flattering peacoat? The best looks aren’t faithful reproductions, though; we love Pablo Coppola’s take at Bally where the coat is cut ultra-sharp in bright red and the skirt comes in glossy leather.

’70s REDUX

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent

The ’70s is another decade that fashion keeps returning to, but no one makes a more convincing case than Hedi Slimane. At Saint Laurent, he conjured up the bohemian glamour of Loulou de la Falaise with his swishing culottes and midi skirts, all topped with silken blouses and showstopping cloaks and capes.




Fashion loves a good clash of contrasting ideas and this season, designers are riffing on the themes of naughty and nice. Bally has a sharply tailored trench in glossy, fetishistic patent; Alexander Wang put fishnet tights under prim skirts and Karl Lagerfeld invoked Italian screen sirens wearing leather and lace with tweeds and pearls.


Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne

Athleticism in fashion is here to stay but the most talented, innovative designers are constantly finding new ways to elevate and marry it with high fashion. J.W. Anderson, for example, created bold new things from the idea of nylon and tracksuits, while Julien Dossena at Paco Rabanne cleverly mixed zippers and mesh with lush materials for an effortless but luxurious take.


Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

The grandly exaggerated Edwardian shoulder continues to get more play for Pre-Fall. It showed up with retro inflections at Gucci, while at 3.1 Phillip Lim and J.W. Anderson, it was deconstructed and updated for today’s cool girls. But the most interesting mash-up was at Louis Vuitton where Nicolas Ghesquière paired sculpted shoulders with motorcross leggings and edgy, chunky boots.




This wardrobe staple has been given a fancy upgrade for Pre-Fall. At Carven, it was mixed with shearling and shown as a total-look statement. Julie de Libran also showed denim-on-denim at Sonia Rykiel but her looks were embroidered while Massimo Giorgetti’s Pucci pieces were printed with feathers. The most whimsical were Valentino’s versions, which bore elaborate scenes and dreamscapes.



Bowers & Wilkins Teams With Burberry For T7 Gold

As one of the most portable and compact speakers out there, the Bowers & Wilkins T7 is the perfect fit for any audiophile who’s constantly on-the-go. For now, the brand is aiming to appeal to a more affluent customer range with a limited edition T7 Gold. Just in time for Father’s Day, the Limited edition release comes ahead of its global launch in September. Just for this special release, the T7 Gold comes in a limited edition finely designed leather travel case by the luxury brand Burberry.SS16_MAY_ACC_RGB_CROPPED_07

The partnership brings out the best of both parties, each with a rich heritage in their respective fields of luxury design and digital technology. The gold and black honeycomb exterior of the T7 matches well with the hand-finished leather case – especially the gold-finished Burberry logo. The case itself is available in two finishes: black embossed bridle leather and tan suede, and will be limited to 200 pieces.2016_ACOUSTIC_BOWERS_WILKINS_RGB_CROPPED_01

For an added special treat, 4 live EPs have been recorded by Burberry Acoustic musicians George Cosby, Fenne Lily, Rosie Carney, and Ten Tonnes. They will be available for purchase and download on Society of Sound. This is well in line with Burberry’s history of working with new and iconic artists as a part of runway shows – including names like Benjamin Clementine and Elton John.

As a perfect marriage of craft and audio technology, the limited edition T7 Gold will retail at £595 at selected Burberry stores.

To find our more about the T7 Gold, click here.


Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016

In case you’ve missed the memo, Father’s day is only 11 days away. If this is news to you, then don’t panic because you still have time (not much but it will do). For those fretting about what to get dear old Dad, we are here to help. Each year, children around the world spend time, effort and money putting together the perfect gift for the woman who spent long sleepless nights looking after you. We often overlook the man who spent sleepless nights wondering how in the world raising a child costs so much.

It is only fair then, that we put as much thought and effort to coming up with gifts for the man who is your bank, knight in shining armor and partner in crime. The great thing about getting something for Dad is that you can narrow the list down fairly quickly. First up, we have something that we think every father wishes he could have had a glass or two of when paying for your little (it really wasn’t that much!) shopping sprees.


There is nothing better to complete your day, than a glass of whisky. Our favorite go to whisky of course is none other than the Macallan Edition No. 1. We’ve given you a glimpse into just how good it is, and it is our expert (by that we mean that we drink it often enough to call ourselves experts) opinion that this is the one to truly warm your father’s heart this year. With orange and dried fruit, the Edition No.1 is a special blend that leaves you wanting more. Just don’t drink it all before dad has had a glass, or 10.


Don’t you just love it when someone smells as good as they look? This year, why not get dad a fragrance that will leave him feeling like a million bucks, with a little help from Burberry. With the brand’s latest fragrance, Mr Burberry, you can gift him a sophisticated scent that mixes classic and unexpected ingredients. The woody fragrance has hints of grapefruit and smokey guaiac wood for a touch of seduction. For father’s day, the brand even brings you a monogramming service for that personalized touch.

Writing Instruments

Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge & Noir Writing Instruments

Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge & Noir Writing Instruments

You can never go wrong with a luxury pen and what better than a Montblanc writing instrument. Our pick would be the writing instruments from the brand’s Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge & Noir, Special Edition that was created to celebrate the brand’s 110th anniversary. The pen features a serpent on its cap; an emblem that has been linked to the brand since it first began. The instruments are available in coral and black.


You could treat dad to a well-tailored suit for Father’s day, especially since it should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe. Head down to Dior Homme at ION Orchard, for an expertly crafted suit, that is sure to please the main man the moment he puts it on. If a suit isn’t something he favors, then you’re in luck. The spanking new store also carries one of Dior’s latest collections for men. This could be just the shopping spree that makes up for you using him as a flesh-and-blood ATM.


Fresh from the latest Tod’s fall/winter collection, the Envelope bag is our accessory of choice. Sleek and simple, it is perfect for the modern man on the go. While the bag is available in black, we think this shade of brown will lend a youthful touch to an outfit. If you think he will love the bag as much as we do but it could be too bulky for an avid traveler, we have good news for you. The bag also comes in soft suede, so it can be stowed away in a luggage bag during travel with no trouble.


You may not be able to buy him a car — we have to be realistic and also, watch that carbon footprint people — but you can get him something inspired by automobiles. In walks the Drive de Cartier 1904-PS MC, with its cushion shaped case and exterior that takes its inspiration from cars. We have covered the timepiece in a previous article so we won’t bore you with the details but the guilloche dial and Roman numerals combined with the in-house Cartier movement make this a wonderful gift for a motor head.

Burberry Ads Star Edie Campbell, Callum Turner

Burberry released the first new images for their autumn collection 2016 starring Edie Campbell and Callum Turner. It is the second time the pair have fronted the British brand together. The campaign, shot by Mario Testino, casts the spotlight on the Patchwork handbag, of which no two are alike.

Each bag is named after a British city, town, or street. Also collaborating on the campaign is British illustrator Luke Edward Hall, tapped to create complementary sketches. You can see two examples of what he’s done, above and below.

Also new from Burberry, as soon as the campaign hits in June, customers will be able to buy what they see online, print and on the catwalk without having to wait for the traditional gap between showing and selling, notes WWD.

For more on this story, especially on Hall’s role, check out what our friends at L’Officiel Malaysia have posted on it.