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Owner of H&M is Buying English Village

The Swedish billionaire Stefan Persson, who is the owner of H&M, is reportedly buying an entire English village and up to 2,000 acres of surrounding countryside for 25 million pounds.

Stefan Persson, who is thought to be the world’s 16th richest man with his wealth valued at £11.4billion, is said to be snapping up all of Linkenholt near Andover, Hampshire.

The price includes a neo-baroque castle, 1,500 acres of land and 425 acres of forest, a cricket field and 21 weekend houses for renting out.
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Russian Billionaires Reluctant to Give Up Their Toys

For most of the decade, Russian billionaires spent hundreds of millions of dollars on boats, jets, expensive art and the occasional football team.

But, despite strained bank accounts and public outrage, the tycoons have been loath to part with their expensive trinkets, choosing instead to hunker down and wait for better days.

To be sure, these are not happy days for the country’s superrich.

In Forbes magazine‘s latest ranking of the world’s wealthiest people, Russia’s billionaires had an estimated collective loss of $369 billion last year, and two-thirds fell from the list altogether.
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$100m yacht for German billionaire who cut employee wages

A German billionaire who has put his factory workers on short-time and cut their wages has bought himself a luxury megayacht according to DailyMail.

Screw manufacturer Reinhold Würth (#93 on the Forbes 2009 list) has ordered 1,250 of his 5,000 employees in Germany to reduce their working hours and cut their pay by 15 percent.

The rest of his workers are being forced to take a solidarity pay cut of five percent. At the same time, though, the convicted tax evader also celebrated the christening of his new super yacht, the Vibrant Curiosity.

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Israel’s Richest Woman Puts Her Yacht Up For Sale

Israel’s richest woman, billionaire Shari Arison, has put up her yacht, “My Shanti” up for sale. She is asking $100 million.

Merle Wood’s listing states that the My Shanti is 212 feet/64 meters long, and built by the Dutch shipyard Amels in 2007.

The My Shanti was assessed at $70-80 million a year ago, the price that Arison paid for it. The yacht has a banquet hall, cinema, staterooms, kitchen, and large mess room. It can reach a maximum speed of 40 knots.
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Sardinia to scrap tax on mega rich

The new governor of the sun-swept Italian island of Sardinia is repealing a tax on the mega rich that will benefit, among others, jet setters like billionaire Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Governor Ugo Cappellacci, the son of Berlusconi’s tax adviser, proposed a budget that repeals the tax on mooring luxury yachts and landing private aircraft on the island where the prime minister owns a holiday mansion.

The luxury taxes, which opponents said scared away the rich and hurt tourism, were introduced under the previous centre-left governor, Renato Soru, who was ousted in elections last month. Via: Reuters

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The 2009 Forbes billionaires list

The American national business magazine, Forbes, compiled and published the list of billionaires including the world’s wealthiest people as of the first quarter 2009, based on each person’s total net worth.

Bad news for rich people: last year there were 1,125 billionaires, but this year there are just 793 people rich enough to make the list that means a 30% decline from a year ago.

The world’s richest are also a lot poorer. Their collective net worth is $2.4 trillion, down $2 trillion from a year ago. Their average net worth fell 23% to $3 billion.

“Billionaire Bust”, is the red title on the cover of this month’s Forbes special issue that demonstrated how hard the crisis had struck on the richest people on the planet.

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La Leopolda Villa Sale – Will Prokhorov get his Deposit Back?

The ongoing saga of the sale of the most expensive villa in the world continues.

Back in August we reported that Prokhorov, the Russian billionaire, was the mysterious purchaser of the Villa Leopolda – on the French Cote D’Azur – at the price of 365 million Euros ($545 million) – which was a staggering price to pay for a single property.

Now the London Times reports that Prokhorov paid a $55 million deposit, but wants to back out of the deal (Prokhorov reportedly lost $7 billion in the economic crisis).

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MasterCard to issue diamond-studded cards

diamond Royale MasterCard

We have earlier introduced you to some of the very exclusive cards, including the American Express Black Card, and the diamond-studded Royale MasterCard for Dubai’s elites.

Now, MasterCard and Kazkommertsbank, the second largest bank in Kazakhstan, together are bringing a MasterCard credit card festooned with gold and diamonds.

Known as the “Diamond”, the card has a 0.02-carat gem embedded in its centre and a picture of a peacock for female cardholders and a winged horse for men.
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China now has more super rich than Japan

China now has more super rich than Japan, mostly entrepreneurs benefiting from the country’s surging economic growth. According to a survey released by Capgemini and Merrill Lynch on Sept. 25, at the end of 2007 China boasted more than 6,000 people worth more than $30 million a piece, excluding their principal residence. Japan only had about 5,300.

Japan however is still home to 56 percent of high net worth individuals in the Asia-Pacific region, or 1.5 million Japanese with US$1 million or more in investible assets excluding their primary residence.

India and Vietnam are also seeing a fast expanding pool of wealthy residents. Like China, they saw the number of millionaires increase by more than 20 percent last year, according to this year’s Asia-Pacific Wealth Report.

Japan’s millionaires have mostly inherited wealth, making them far more risk-averse than the rich in emerging economies like China and Vietnam, who tend to be first-generation wealthy and far more willing to take chances with their money, Capgemini said.

Hong Kong’s 95,000 millionaires, led by a clutch of property tycoons, have the highest average net worth in the region at U$5.4 million, compared with a global average of US$4 million.

The region’s 2.8 million high net worth individuals account for nearly a third of the world’s millionaire population. In addition, Asia’s still solid economic growth should continue to boost the number of high net worth individuals by 8 percent this year and for each of the next four years. By 2012 their wealth should reach US$13.9 trillion, up from US$9.5 trillion in 2007, the survey predicted.

New Forbes 400 Richest List 2008

With 57 billion dollars net worth Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, has recovered his spot at the top of the US money heap, displacing investor Warren Buffett as America’s richest person, Forbes magazine’s latest list reveals.

According to Forbes, whose list was published late Wednesday, the golden 400 have 1.3 billion dollars net worth or more. However, the assembled net worth of the richest Americans rose by only 2%, or $30 billion, to $1.57 trillion this year. The average net worth of Forbes 400 members is $3.9 billion.

Forbes said that rising oil and dizzy art prices fuelled the entry of 31 new members into the ultra-rich club and the return of eight previous members.
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Zimbabwe : A nation of billionaires

Thanks to Gideon Gono, the present Governor of the Reserve Bank and President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe now has the highest percentage of Billionaires per capita than any other country in the world.

Once dubbed the “bread basket” of Africa, Zimbabwe has been struggling with the world’s highest rate of inflation – 12,500,000% – and years of economic mismanagement under President Robert Mugabe.

Try looking at the numbers: 1.00 USD = 54,000,000,000 ZWD. (Live rates at 2008.07.29) But remember that Zimbabwe slashed three zeros off the currency in August 2006, so based on the pre-2006 Zimbabawe dollar, the numbers are even worse: : 1.00 USD = 54,000,000,000,000 ZWD
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Tiger Woods Will Be World’s First Billionaire Athlete

According to Forbes, Golfing pro Tiger Woods will become the world’s first billionaire athlete in the next few years.

In 2007 alone, Woods earned $115 million, $65 million more than the second highest paid athlete, David Beckham.

Woods’ career earnings will hit the $1 billion mark by 2010 but given the taxes (45%), Tiger Woods should join the list of the world’s billionaires in 2011.

It will be an unprecedented occurrence. There are plenty of billionaires who have excelled at sports, but there are no billionaires who accumulated their fortune by playing sports.
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aSmallWorld – a Facebook for Millionaires

aSmallWorld is an online social network service similar to Facebook. Also called “Snobster” by critics, it is an exclusive invitation-only network with roughly 250,000 members.

Founded in 2004 by by Swedish banker and globetrotter Erik Wachtmeister, the network is mainly about lifestyle, society, celebrities: Naomi Campbell, Ivanka Trump, Quentin Tarantino, Paris Hilton, Tiger Woods, Prince Emanuele Filiberto Di Savoia and James Blunt are among the members.

SmallWorld shares many features with other social network services, such as profiles, an event calendar, private messaging and allows users to list multiple cities as their location of residence.

Members can also buy, and sell items (Bugatti Veyron, Caviar, etc…) using aSmallWorld’s private forums or even rent property or find a flatmate.
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Residence Superieur : Live like a Billionaire

Résidence Supérieur is an extreme luxury concept designed by internationally known lifestyle designer Richard Nilsson, located on the French Riviera in Cannes.

The concept include super sports cars, private jets, yachts, butlers, chefs, bodyguards and basically any other service you may wish for.

Guests can get access to an exclusive car fleet, regularly updated, which today consists of a Wiesmann Roadster, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and Mercedes S-Class.

This villa is located in beautiful, spacious enclosed grounds (3,900 m 2). It has 450 m2 of floor space and has 4 luxury bedrooms and a garden house.
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One $400 million super-yacht with three Monet paintings onboard

This $400 million super-yacht was built for a Russian oligarch, Andrey Melnichenko, 37, who is worth $9.2 billion and was ranked 172 on the Forbes list of the world’s richest people.

There is a large master suite as well as six luxury cabins for up to 14 guests and enough room for 42 crew members.

Designed by Philippe Stark, the 400ft long superyacht is said to have its own discotheque featuring a glass roof which is situated directly under the swimming pool.
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The most expensive house in the world

A mansion in London is set to sell for £117million ($230 mn) – making it the world’s costliest home.

The palatial residence, on a street dubbed Billionaires’ Row, is believed to have been bought by Britain’s richest man, steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal.

He is believed to be close to exchanging contracts with owner Noam Gottesman, 47, a US-born financier.

The home in Kensington Palace Gardens, West London, Princess Diana’s former street, is being sold furnished and with an art collection.
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Luxury Clinic For Russian Billionaires

Caviar for patients recovering from a blood test, psychoanalysis at 10,000 dollars per hour: nothing is too much for ailing billionaires at the Neo Vita clinic in Moscow’s swishest suburb.

For the clinic’s founder, Artyom Tolokonin, ensuring good health for the capital’s super-rich inhabitants is even better for his pocket book.

The 33-year-old psychoanalyst says that about a dozen residents of the Rublyovka neighbourhood — dubbed Moscow’s Beverly Hills — are paying for year-round treatments costing as much as a million dollars (636,000 euros) a time. […]

Visitors pass a police post and surveillance cameras, before having their street shoes clad in clean overshoes, and entering a hallway gently illuminated by liquid-like jets of light.
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The World’s Billionaires

Bill Gates is now only the third richest man with a net worth of $58 billion. Mexican telecom mogul, Carlos Slim Helú, trumps Gates by $2 billion.

Had Microsoft not made an unsolicited bid for Yahoo!, Gates would have kept the number one spot, which is now filled by Warren Buffet.

Naturally, the list had no shortage of Andrei’s, Sergei’s or Dimitri’s. However, it only places three Russian billionaires in the top 20.

Oleg Deripaska, Roman Abramovich, and Alexei Mordashov all share the title of “self-made” and each have made their fortune in aluminum.
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$300 million for A380 Flying Palace

With 10,000 private jets flying in the U.S., a few billionaires are signing up for something roomier – jumbo jets that can be outfitted as mobile mansions.

WSJ’s Wealth Report highlights on one such client, a Middle Eastern head of state, who shelled out $300 million on the notorious Airbus 380, an aircraft which is running way behind in its production schedule.

The unidentified buyer, will spend an extra $100 million to turn the craft into a more exclusive conveyance which Airbus eloquently calls “The Flying Palace”.
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