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Rare T Rex skeleton to go under hammer

Aug 28, 2009 / Auctions

A 66 million-year-old skeleton of one of the largest known Tyrannosaurus rex specimens ever discovered will be up for sale at an auction in LasVegas on October 3. The rare skeleton – dubbed ‘Samson’ – is arguably one of the three most complete specimens to have been discovered, auction house Bonhams said. Native to North […]

Buy your own Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton

Jul 23, 2008 / Gadgets

Have you ever wanted a full-size Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton for your own? Jurassic park is your favourite movie ever and you have 40 feet available in your studio ? Then the Tyrannosaurus rex fossil replica is for you. Made to order, the replicas are 40′ long and 12′ high at the hip. The position can […]

Life-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex garden statue for $57,000

Mar 08, 2008 / Art Republik

If you’re looking to make an absurd novelty addition to your yard, has the perfect product: a life-sized, $57,000 Tyrannosaurus Rex garden statue made from fiberglass and resin. They’ve also got a life-sized Camarasaurus for sale at the same price. In any case, these Jurassic Park-like statues could make a funny addition to your […]

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