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Walking Through The Field Of Life

Jan 28, 2019 / Art Republik

Exploring life and its duality in the purest form, Appriou’s sculptures engulf the transitional framework of the last days of harvest in a corn field.

ART STAGE Singapore 2018: Ashok Jain Gallery

Jan 22, 2018 / Art Republik

Ashok Jain Gallery, based in New York, presents a curated selection of art from a diverse spread of artists at Art Stage Singapore 2018.

A Mind-Blowing Mercedes S550 "Wreck"

Jul 03, 2017 / Art Republik

One of the world’s most popular luxury sedans, juxtaposed in luxurious reflection and horrible destruction somehow producing a beautiful if imperfect representation of a Mercedes Benz S550. Introducing Jordan Griska’s Wreck

Artist Adrián Villar Rojas's fantastical rooftop installation

Apr 22, 2017 / Art Republik

The Met’s new rooftop exhibition sees a fusion of museum artefacts with human figures—some of which are modelled after the museum staff


Oct 04, 2016 / Art Republik

We shine the spotlight on another collaborator, Artheline , who will be coming down to Raffles Marina for the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS.

Sculptor Wiyoga Muhardanto: Observer

Aug 27, 2016 / Art Republik

Sculptor Wiyoga Muhardanto shares with us his inspiration and how he sources for items to create works of art.

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